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Redirection/Letters to the MonSter Good Friday morning, fellow warriors. With the start of a new year, a new president, and fresh hope for CoVid19 vaccinations, I find myself wanting to add to these new beginnings. Most of my time in the recent months has been spent in online classes, studying the craft of writing. If you're not familiar with Ninja Writers ( or InkersCon ( , please check them out. They offer SO much information as well as provide a wonderful assortment of support. My greatest accomplishment so far by attending these writing sessions is the creation of my Landing Page: It's no secret how much I despise the marketing and technical aspects of what I do, but I can ignore it no longer. If I want to earn my keep as a writer, these are essential. With the guidance of yech wizard Meg Stewart, the professional writing skills of teacher/author Shaunta Grimes, and the weekly discussion

The origin of a dream

                                                      September 2011 brought a new challenge for me as a public educator. I was to teach seventh grade for the first time. One would think that this could not possibly be much different than the eighth graders to whom I was accustomed; but, any instructor of middle-grade students is aware of the maturation occurring within the bodies and minds of these youngsters. It was only for one year that I added a class of seventh-graders to my curriculum. I needed a new idea or two in designing my daily lessons. A solution came to me early on. This group of seventh graders was particularly bright. After only two weeks of participating in ou8r weekly Friday Journal Sharing, a student had the audacity to ask me  to share my writing with the class.  "We know you're writing, Mrs. McCombs. You've even got a special journal to write in," James said. "And sometimes I see you laughing at what you're writing." The perceptive

2021 Goals

                                                                2021 GOALS                                                                    I'm not making resolutions this year. Instead, I will follow the guidance learned in Ninja Writers over the holidays. I have GOALS for the new year, as well as a projected five-year plan for my life. My goals for 2021: * Publish two more Church of Go novels: The Day Ted Williams Came to Town is about a newcomer to Ellison whose purpose is to graduate from high school to resume his city life exploits from the previous  year. Ted is not aware of the restorative pull of the little town of Ellison. Sam(son) and (De)Lila is the tale of two high school juniors destined to be together regardless of their seemingly different lifestyles.  A fluky summer school assignment teaches Sam and Delila the meaning of family and the importance of faith.                                                         * Lady With the Cane

Happy New Year!

                      anything that can go wrong will go wrong                Sometimes, I have found, it's best to embrace Murphy's Law and get on with your day. With merely hours separating us from the end of the cruelest year in my memory, here are my words (plagiarized) to you. Looking back at the events of 2020, it is difficult to admit the positive points, but they are there buried amid the rubbish. Here is mine: 1. I was published in two anthologies. 2. I had the opportunity to enroll in two phenomenally helpful writing venues: Inkers con and Ninja Writers. 3. The MS Gym entered my life, which is extremely beneficial when I can force myself to participate:) 4. I've caught up on my reading and exhausted my Netflix list. 5. I'm developing a five year Life Goal List and plan to implement it. (Really. Honestly. Absolutely. It's gonna happen. Squirrel!) This brings me to my immediate purpose before the clock strikes midnight. I am forgoing resolutions this year in

Christmas 2020

                                                                                          Our little coal-mining town held its first-ever ATV Christmas Parade on December 12, 2020. The joy it brought to the community is still the top home town news. This is me and my handsome Fire Chief husband ready to ride.    Christmas week is here! Are you ready to make new memories in this time of ridiculousness? Are the presents wrapped? (That's my job today.) Is the fruit cake fermenting? (Does anyone actually eat that stuff?)                              MS is difficult enough, but with the stress of any added event, our symptoms magnify. It has been my goal t his year to only ENJOY the holiday season.  As I look around my cluttered living room, I know it will resemble my cozy stone cottage by nightfall and I will be enveloped in a festive atmosphere once again. 2020 has not been a year of cozy atmosphere, though, and I sid19incerely pray for those individuals who have suffered and are yet