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Today's Purpose

                                              Today's Purpose Does she ever stop sharing information? You ask. Isn't there something else she could be doing? You ponder. Will she ever stop posting about multiple sclerosis? You want to know? Get a life! You scream at the screen. Or not. Maybe you really do learn something from my rantings. If so, thank you and you're welcome. I love causes. I'm crazy about projects. I need a  purpose in my life and I always have a campaign in need of attention. Currently, I am preparing to immerse myself into the findings offered in this book: My copy is ordered. I'm anxious to learn more about  Low Dose Naltrexone and it's relationship to the treatment of multiple sclerosis, among other neurological conditions. It sounds promising. That's all I'm gonna give you on the topic for now = official cliff hanger. Instead, I'll let you in o

It's not your job to worry about others.

Covid19 Dr. Lorna Breen Global Pandemic 2020 This morning on the Today Show, Savannah Guthrie spoke with Dr. Lorna Breen's sister concerning the importance of remembering the urgency with which medical personnel is facing. Dr. Lorna Breen "could not sit down." After contracting the virus herself, she agreed to convalesce at her sister's home where she showed positive signs of recovery. Dr. Lorna Breen worked on the front line where she was responsible for treating Covid patients, talking with families, watching those patients die, and notifying the families.  Dr. Lorna Breen committed suicide. This should not be viewed as a weakness. Dr. Lorna Breen succumbed to the overwhelming, unbelievable, ridiculous pressure of ignoring her personal pain to protect others from the fear engulfing her. She had to be strong. She had to fake her attitude.  Dr. Lorna Breen was selfless. Dr.Lorna Breen was a hero. MS Warriors are heroes. You know that. I know th

Foot Drop exercises

Do you suffer from foot drop like I do? If so, today's post is for you. Foot drop exercises help reverse the condition by retraining the brain to control dorsiflexion. I know it looks like I'm taking short cuts for today's post (okay, caught me), but I cannot relay this important information as well as these professionals; so, please take time to click on each of the links for valuable foot drop therapy. Excellent exercise! (personal opinion) I don't know about you, but I must do at least a little physical therapy every day . With the closure of my particular physical therapy facility (not a result of Covid19) I'm currently winging it on my own; therefore, finding a new PT is on my post-virus to-do list (after that much

Virtual Walk/Zoom meeting update

                                                                                                                                                     Well, how did your virtual walk go? Successful? My planned walking route: Down the basement stairs to circle the family room before exiting the side door and into daylight.  Across the driveway o the alley road, wave at my backyard neighbor and continue up the alley (it's a steep climb) to circle around to the avenue and down to my front door where I briefly enter the living room before taking an immediate sharp left into the bedroom for a stroll around the bed and back out the door into the adjoining living room. Into the kitchen again to detour in and out of the bathroom, into the kitchen for two circles around the middle of the room (any more and I would get dizzy), out the backdoor, down the por