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MS Growing Pains

Fingers stretched forward in the direction of the item I forgot to take with me to the living room. A necessary item for  my little Monday treat. No one will care that I plan to cocoon myself for the next two hours in front of the  TV to knit and watch The Voice.
The kitchen is clean, the coffee is prepared for morning, lunches are bagged and I am ready for some music and the eye candy of Blake Sheldon. My vision for this evening's events is so clear. So simple. so solitary and safe. Maybe half way through the show I will even pour a little glass of red, red 

But first I need to finish the task at hand. Hand poised, fingers ready to grasp, legs ready and willing...

And that's all I remember. In less than a split of a second, the world no longer looks as it should. My head is actually on the floor, saved from a gash by the eyeglasses that lay shattered beside me. Legs bent at the knee, arms splayed on the kitchen tile floor. The sound of my fall resonating in my head but muf…

The Weird Science of Multiple Sclerosis

If ever there existed a weird medical condition it would be multiple sclerosis. It is unpredictable. It is scary. It is ever changing and sneaky. 
I don't know about you, but I am constantly debating the difference between the MonSter and the side effects of life. When do we stop blaming multiple sclerosis for all of our aches and pains? Or, do we?
One major issueI suffer off and on is something called costochondritis. I cannot swear that this is directly related to MS, but it certainly sounds suspicious. Chest pain is one of the main symptoms of costochondritis. This condition happens when your rib cage cartilage becomes inflamed. The pain can be severe or mild. Although the pain is typically felt on the left side of your chest, it may also occur on the right side. Other symptoms include pain in your back and abdomen and pain that worsens when you cough or take a deep breath. Chest pain caused by costochondritis may feel similar to a heart attack or other heart-related conditions, so …

Side Effects, part 2

The number of disease altering MS drugs has grown remarkably in just a few years and research is steadily moving forward to finding the best on the market, fingers crossed. Until that perfect combination of chemicals is found, we Warriors are destined to a life of being human guinea pigs. That is the only way we will ever make headway on this disease.

It is disheartening to think of ourselves as a species of vermin, but reality has been known to "bite". We can't let this get us down, though. Life is good as long as we believe so.

Currently MS Drug options for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis are:

Beta interferons. ...Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus). ...Glatiramer acetate (Copaxone). ...Dimethyl fumarate (Tecfidera). ...Fingolimod (Gilenya). ...Teriflunomide (Aubagio). ...Natalizumab (Tysabri). ...Alemtuzumab (Lemtrada).(I know there re others, but these seem to be the most used.)
My first drug was beta seron, a self-injection that stayed with me for nearly eleven years. I learne…

Side Effects, part 1

Well, with all the excitement leading up to this month of MS Awareness, I hate to start out on day 2 with nothing to write.

Actually , I have plenty to write about, but the MonSter is blocking my ability to act on my desires.

Massive headache. This is the third or fourth episode since staring Gilenya in September. Migraine quality, complete with nausea, double vision, disorientation...

So, guess what tomorrow's post will be about?
You got it. Medicine side effects.

Until then...


MS Awareness Month Official!

It's Here!!!!!!!!
MS Awareness Month is upon us.
I have already spent a large block of time concentrating on my MS while grunting, pushing, and cursing my AFO and it's inability to cooperate with my shoe. Although I finally discovered the perfect shoe to accommodate my little pink leg, the canvas is not necessarily stretchy. 

But, hey, I made it. I'm shorne (I think I just made that up.) and ready for the day.

Even within the month of March, MS Awareness is addressed in a variety of ways. We even have a week set aside for us. Yep, we're big time, Warriors.

Raise Awareness : National Multiple Sclerosis

MS Awareness Week: March 10 - 16, 2019
Every day, people living with MS do whatever it takes to move their lives forward despite the challenges. By sharing their stories, we help people better understand life with MS and become inspired to do whatever it takes to change the world for peopl…

1 Day until Blast Off left!
It's almost here!
MS Awareness Month begins in less than twenty-four  hours.
How will you contribute to the knowledge? How will you as a Warrior use your expertise to enlighten the world?

"Selma Blair reveals true toll of MS diagnosis in first TV interview."ttps://
I  have to admit that I never heard of Selma Blair until this story broke this week. I feel bad for her. Unfortunately she is now a warrior. fortunately she has the power to be a public voice for thew rest of us. the MonSter is a beast, not particular in it's victims. The MonSter enlists anyone, regardless of gender, race, age, social status.

If you are a Warrior, you are an expert.

It is our responsibility as the true experts to share our thoughts, lend our ears, cry our tears and laugh loudly with others.
Recently I met another Warrior, diagn…

2 days until MSAwareness Month

...days until MS Awareness Month.

               I've got my Converse All Stars ready to do the walk and dance a little dance, make a little love...Do you? 

Thank  you, Barbara A. Stensland, for inspiring me to keep on keepin' on. 

If you haven't haed a chance to read Stumbling in Flats, please put that on your to do list.

Lisa, the Lady with the Cane