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Welcome to February, MonSter

              Twenty-eight Days until MS Awareness Month!                                   Because my symptoms since diagnosis have reacted fiercely to heat, I have questioned those Warriors who complained of low temps raring up the beast. Well...I sure got the shock of my life this week. Of course all over the US the mercury has hit record lows since Monday, but never did I ever expect the effect that would have on little ol' me. Wow-zah! Sunday, January 27, my little family traveled to Pittsburgh for an overnight campus visit at Carnegie Melon University for our son. After an afternoon of orientation sessions and a frigidly cold campus tour, he sent off with a veteran student for the evening and hubby and I headed toward our hotel.  That was the plan and it worked fairly well. Back up to that campus tour. "walking tour. In below zero wind chill factor winds. The campus is not that big. it is very intimate, the perfect size in my opinion. Although  locate

I Have MS. What's Your Super Power?

Author Signing: I Have M.S. What's Your Superpower? Public  · Hosted by  Barnes & Noble (Morgantown, WV) clock Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 12 PM – 4 PM pin Barnes & Noble (Morgantown, WV) 2814 University Town Centre Dr, Morgantown, West Virginia 26501 Hosted by Barnes & Noble (Morgantown, WV) And my month of March is being planned... I am so excited to look at my calendar and see that awareness is being spread already. An updated calendar of March events will be posted later in the month, but for now know that I am out there getting things  ready to hit it hard in March.  *Two book signings/ readings  have been confirmed have been confirmed.  *I have registered  for one MS  (virtual) Walk and am contemplating a second. *My red shoes are purchased. (See January 4 post.) * I am returning to Physical Therapy on Friday. (Yippee!!!!) I could use you


                                                                                                                              Good morning, from snowy Monongah, West Virginia! Yep, the snow is finally   here and more is on the way. Yippee! I can just imagine all the snarling gong on out there, but I don't care. I really love being snowed in; probably because that is how I spent most of my teen years. My family lived out in the country far from people. I hated weekends when I was growing up because I knew I wouldn't  see any of my friends until Monday in school. When a snow storm visited, its remnants stayed forev-er  and we often survived without power (heat) or water due to frozen water pipes.  Looking back now I can still feel the discontent of our situation, but I also smile with the fond memories of us all gathering around the gas oven to get warm and trying to deal cards with frozen fingers to continue whatever game keeping us entertained. Dad, Mom, my two broth

Start Something

Are  you tired of them yet, the new year affirmations and self-goals; the promises to better yourself in a all area of your life? Have you disinfected that juicer you hide under the various kitchen tools that you never use? Is your stationery bike really under that mound of sweaters that continues to grow with the advancements of the season?  No to personal growth? Where is your positive attitude? I don't know about yon but my glass is half full and will remain so as long as there is another bottle in the fridge.                             For 2019, I plan to take control of my MS, by setting goals to achieve , both personal and physically. Keeping  my fingers crossed, i will soon receive  my first disability installment. With that, I will pay off as many current medical bills as possible and then...I will return to physical therapy. Because I have committed  to journal-ling  more dependably , I will then record differences I see in my physical, emotional ,