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Water Works

Photo by  Joe Zlomek  on  Unsplash Incontinence. I know I talk about it a lot. It’s something I stress over every day. A friend of mine used the word incontinence once to describe a strange physical symptom she experienced. Because of her habitual hypochondriac tendencies, I really thought little of it. We were impressionable college students looking for  IT . Cheers to the  IT  we never found. Fast-forward too many years: I have had to learn to deal with many humiliations since D-Day, but this is the most alarming. When the word popped up again upon diagnosis, I immediately cringed in sympathy for anyone who experienced such a degrading, animalistic situation. And then I realized I HAD experienced incontinence and thought it was because of a UTI, for which I was prone. It is not uncommon for me to not quite make it to the toilet on time or even recognize the urgency of the need. In the early days with the MonSter, and even now, I am not comfortable in strange settings if I haven’t loc