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Praise Petals goes to print!

It's being printed as I type! My writing isn't only MS-related. Praise Petals is the second installment in my YA Christian series Church of Go.
Be one of the first to grab a fresh-from-the-presses copy of my new YA novel! As the second addition to the Church of Go series---Did you read the first one, award-winning Bombs Burstinin Air?--- Praise Petals is a faith-based tale of seven high school sophomores thrown together in a mix of personalities. Please visit the fictional town of Ellison, West Virginia to worship with Pastor Larry at the Church of Go. Pre-ordered copies are available at: Inline image Praise Petals Praise Petals A Church of Go Novel - teen novel about friendship, bullying, and how joining her church all-girl praise team ch... Thank you for always reviewing novels on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or any other available platform. Love and Light, Lisa Reply, Reply All or Forward