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https://www. amazon .com/dp/B0BX4KT7F6/ref=sr_1_1?crid=22SM2K4EPKZQS&keywords=letters+to+the+monster+by+lisa+mccombs&qid=1677672845&s=digital-text&sprefix=%2Cdigital-text%2C85&sr=1-1&asin=B0BX4KT7F6&revisionId=c7272f48&format=1&depth=1 MS Awareness Month 2023 IS HERE! I wrote a book. All you need to do is read it! From now until the end of March, the eBook version is only $1.99. Waiting for the paperback? Can you wait a few more days? I’ll get that right out next week. Living with Multiple Sclerosis provides an ongoing blank canvas, sometimes within a few scant hours. What worked at breakfast is history. Lunch is a new story and who knows how we feel by supper time? Don’t get  too comfortable . Things are about to change. Lisa, Lady With the Cane Ms Awareness Multiple Sclerosis Memoir Chronic Illness Support