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Pick Your Battles

Pick Your Battles Life is not always a picnic but it’s easy to chase away those pesky ants if you pay attention to what is within your ability to control. Years of living as an MS Warrior have taught me who and what is truly important to a happy existence. People are going to talk no matter what. Society loves to criticize. Even when they have no clue what they're saying. I’ve been accused of faking my illness when my accuser preferred a more sensational explanation. “You say you’ve got MS but it looks like you’ve just had too many drinks!” I could not control her reaction to my stumbling gait nor was it worth the time of arguing. I am who I am and MS is what it is. The thought of clueless onlookers matters not. It can be hurtful, yes, but “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”; or so I’m told. While we cannot control the reactions, decisions, and behavior of others, a secret weapon of every MS Super Hero is that we CAN control our own. Choose your battles. What influences do you