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OBSESSIONSIONS not of the sexual persuasion

OBSESSIONS not of the sexual persuasion Recently my household acquired an exterior security camera system. We now can spy on activities behind the house, in front of the house, and to the far side of the house. Now, keep in mind that our house is tiny. It at one time was probably considered rather fancy since it is a hand-built, river rock stone cottage unlike the majority of coal mining homes in this community. Photo by Ibiza Ibiza Ibiza on  Unsplash I love my little stone cottage and am not complaining about the extra protection; but, zounds, every neighborhood cat, errant bird, or fast-moving street traffic sets the crazy thing off. I actually don’t monitor it. My husband does. Constantly. And he reports it play-by-play. As if he was covering a football game. Daily. Yep, he’s retired and driving me bat-crap crazy. He’s obsessed with his new toy. Blink is his latest best friend. I guess I need to add it to our Christmas Card list? I’m just not that concerned with the added security.