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MS Awareness Month 2021, Day 7

                      MS Awareness Month 2021, Day 7

Today I list my gratitudes:

The sun is shining.

It is Sunday.

I am physically attending church for the first time in over a year.

My family is well.

Tomorrow is in the past. I realize the negative undertones of that statement, but we have days like that. Yesterday was mine. I was in great physical pain; mainly due to my legs not cooperating. I found myself people watching at the chopping mall and wishing out loud that I could once again walk like them. 

I saw that girl in the heels bouncing along the corridors. I envied the chick in the Crocs whose feet STAYED inside her shoes. I lusted after the ease with which that girl wore those cowboy boots.

I cried all the way home.

Then I realized what I had done. I drove myself the twenty miles to the neighboring town. I didn't fall once. I didn't pee myself. I accomplished what I needed to do. and, even though I needed my walker, I had two legs.

The MonSter reminds us to be grateful.

Find gratitude in even the small things today.

Lisa, Lady With the Cane


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