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MS Awareness Month 2021, Day 6

Be a Weekend Warrior

The weekend. It’s finally here. Are you ready for a break from the 9–5? Is there an event you’ve been anticipating or (eek) dreading? Maybe the weekend is not much different than your weekdays as far as excitement goes; but, hey, you made it here. It’s a new day and you are breathing.

God in his infinite wisdom created a weekly calendar with this break in mind. Weekends are known for their restorative purpose. Whether catching up on the laundry, sleeping in, taking a little trip, or finishing that project, weekends offer us that extra time. Let’s take advantage of that.

In fact, let’s use this weekend to practice the ABCs for good mental and emotional health. Practice asking for assistance. Train your brain to take breaks. Work on your communication skills.

I plan to work on communicating. I grow weary of repeating my needs/desires. Probably my biggest MS challenge is conveying my needs and wants. I feel like no one believes I’m serious when I say something. If I say it, I mean it. I do my best to accommodate others on a daily basis. When it’s MY time, the same consideration is appreciated. Like, don't wake me up unless the house is on fire. (Okay, so that’s a bit extreme, but I kinda mean it.)

The weekend is a time to relax, reflect, and restore.

Today I will watch WVU’s final season basketball game and hopefully, Coach Huggins 900th win. I'll probably do a quick grocery run. I will attend virtual church tomorrow after which I will join the Ninja Writers online for my weekly writing group fix. I plan on knitting and finishing the laundry.

I do NOT plan to add any additional stress to my life or the life of those around me. I confess: I walk away from drama.

Let’s battle through the weekend together. We ARE MS Warriors. We ARE superheroes.

Lisa, Lady with the Cane


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