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MS Awareness Month 2021: Day 3



Good morning! Ready to get this day started? It's sunny and chilly here on McCue Avenue. I've fed the cat, performed twenty minutes of stretches, made the coffee, and read my devotional. I've allotted myself one hour to talk to you before hitting the shower and getting dressed to be ready for a morning appointment. This afternoon I will take my car for a service appointment. Upon returning home, I will pay the bills, prepare a meal for the family, clean the kitchen, fold yesterday's laundry, do my evening stretches, and maybe fit in some reading.

Whew! You're probably thinking that chick needs to take a break;  you would be correct.

Remember yesterday when I urged you to seek assistance? I hope you took my advice, no matter how painful that is. Fortunately, I have my day planned in small doable segments AND I am looking g forward to getting out of the house for a while. My wheelie walker is tucked in the back seat of my car for added security and I will entertain myself during the wait at the Kia Service center with my Kindle. 

It's all good. After twenty years of juggling the MonSter, I'm beginning to internalize the importance of taking time for ME. In needing assistance, taking breaks is a necessary activity (as long as the need for help is not mandatory and immediate.)

I've learned to take breaks.

Dr. Adam Kaplin urges us to Take a break to breathe. Notice how you feel. Be grateful for the good things, and stay grounded in the present when problem-solving. 

Sounds rather Zen, right? That's good. The Monster hates all things Zen. In fact, the  MonSter doesn't like anything that makes us feel good. 

So, today take a break. Put yourself first. MS is a greedy beast and takes any opportunity to make life unbearable. Let's teach it a lesson today and TAKE A BREAK.

Lisa, Lady with the Cane


ABC's for Good Mental and Emotional Health, Dr. Adam Kaplin. The Motivator, Summer/Fall 2020, p. 26.


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