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Migraines and Multiple Sclerosis


MSAwareness Month 2021, Day 23

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Please accept my apology for missing a day in my pledge to post every day of the month of MS Awareness Month. I think this is the first time in years that my promise hasn’t been fulfilled.

Lately, I have been plagued with migraines. I sincerely hope that you have never been afflicted. A migraine isn't just a headache. It is accompanied by blurred vision, nausea, tremors, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, even vomiting. It simply is NOT your run-of-the-mill headache.

According to,3.3 million people in the United States are living with Chronic Migraines. If all of those people made up a city, it’d be the 3rd largest city in the US!

Migraine causes and triggers

Why do people get migraines? There are many potential causes, here are some of the most common:


Studies suggest that half of the risk for migraines comes from your family history. If a relative has migraines, you are more likely to have it.


Skipping meals, caffeine withdrawal, and alcohol can all lead to migraines


Changes in humidity, temperature, and air pressure are some of the most common triggers and, of course, hardest to control


A change in your sleep schedule, whether too much or too little, can set off migraines


A stressful time can be a trigger, but migraine can show up once you are relaxed after the stressful time is over

After looking closely at these triggers, I think I can rule out the MonSter as a cause for this additional chronic condition I suffer. At least for the most part.

My mother used to suffer from migraine headaches, so it must be genetic. I haven’t been eating the suggested three meals a day, so my diet is probably a culprit. The West Virginia climate (where I reside)is currently undergoing the marvelous (and painful) transition from winter to spring and I haven’t been getting the best sleep; so, those triggers ate apparently in my life.

I can’t coherently comment on the last suggested indication of my condition because that migraine erased any and all logical thought processes.

Living with multiple sclerosis requires us to constantly research our symptoms and be knowledgeable of what triggers our symptoms. There is a wealth of information out there. I am NOT suggesting you become your own physician, but I DO urge you to be knowledgeable of your condition.

The Mayo Clinic reports “The exact cause of migraines is unknown, but they’re thought to be the result of abnormal brain activity temporarily affecting nerve signals, chemicals and blood vessels in the brain.”

Hey, don’t MS Warriors have enough abnormal brain activity going on already? We don’t have time for the additional stress caused by migraine headaches. Do your research. Discover the facts. Learn how to treat this ridiculous interruption in an otherwise wonderful day.

Tips to Relieve Migraine Pain

  1. Rest in a quiet, dark, room. Many people with migraines report sensitivity to light and sound. …
  2. Apply a hot or cold compress. Place the compress across your forehead or the back of your neck. …
  3. Try mindful meditation. …
  4. Smell the lavender. …
  5. Stay hydrated. …
  6. Massage your temples. …
  7. Exercise. (Don’t scoff. It actually works!)

We’ll talk more about preventive measures that you can master tomorrow. Until then have a stress-free day!

Lisa, Lady With the Cane

P.S. Did you know there is such a thing as a headache doctor? I love learning new things!



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