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JusT NOT FeeliNg my Best

JUsT not Feeling My BesT

It’s one of THOSE days. Foot drop is really P…..g me off. Balance has taken an unexpected vacation. And to top it off, I get to go to every lady’s favorite doctor visit tomorrow morn.

Yep. It’s mammo time for Lisa. Yeehaw!

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Look at that technician smiling like this is the most fun ev-er. Or is she laughing ‘cause that’s not her mammary being pancaked at early o'clock in the morning?

So, with March going out like a lion tonight (71 degrees yesterday, snow forecast tomorrow), this is my April Fools Day gift.

Not funny.

But, seriously, getting a mammogram is probably one of the most important medical tests.

Don’t forget to schedule yours. Because of COVID, mine has been re-scheduled twice. If you have had one of the vaccines, this article may interest you. I had my second vaccine in mid-February, so I think I’m safe to proceed.

Doctors urge women to delay mammogram until 4–6 weeks after COVID-19 vaccine

Today might be the last day of MS Awareness Month, but it’s not the last day of my life with the MonSter. I’m gonna keep on keeping on.

Don’t forget the ABCs for Good Mental and Emotional Health Dr. Adam Kaplin has taught us:

  1. ASK for assistance when you need it.
  2. Remember to take BREAKS.

3. COMMUNICATE your needs and thoughts.

4. DON’T do things that make your symptoms worse.


6. FIND your purpose in life.


8. Have FUN!

9. IDENTIFY quick resources for wellness.

Abiding by this advice won't eliminate the MonSter, but it should weaken its power.

Lisa, Lady With the Cane


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  2. I have used 750 fullspectrum tincture by Hempworx and it initially seemed to smooth out the rough edges faced during the day. Recently a new CBD Reserve opened near me. I tried the gummies and have to admit that I only ate one half of a gummie and hated the experience. It totally relaxed me but I no longer felt in control. This depressed me further. I'll stick with the tinctures for now.

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