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E = Exercise

E = Exercise

MS Awareness Month 2021, Day 12

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash


You are not trapped. You CAN get better. There is no better medicine than movement.

How many medical professionals have told you this?

Very few is my guess. I’m not discrediting the intelligence of your medical team, but prescribing exercise doesn't support the lifestyles of many BIG PHARM advocates.

Exercise will not cure multiple sclerosis. There is no cure at this time. Exercise CAN help relieve the stress of living with the Monster.

When I was diagnosed in 2001, I was walking 3–5 miles a day and had been for over a year, even when pregnant. I felt great. My body was toned. My mood mind was toned. My mood was toned. I basically lived a toned life.

Enter multiple sclerosis. The MonSter moves to the beat of its own drum. The MonSter cares not if we are toned.

I missed my daily walks.

As a former aerobics instructor, I was educated enough in physical fitness to know there had to be other ways of moving my body. When I discovered beginner's yoga I was ecstatic. This was something I could do at home under the video guidance of an assortment of encouraging and knowledgeable instructors. Sadie Nardini became my new best friend. then I found Baron Baptiste at the MS Yoga Foundation and ordered thee FREE video focused specifically on multiple sclerosis and yoga.

Do some web surfing. There is so much out there about the benefits of yoga. The biggest for me has been that yoga keeps my body limber, which helps to alleviate muscle spasticity.

The beauty of online/video exercise classes is that no one will witness your falls and failures. You are in full control of your progress. I have been publicly humiliated in in-person exercise classes and I know the negative mental effects of that.

The danger of online/video exercise classes is that no one will witness ur falls and failures; therefore, you must be careful to never attempt moves that invite potential harm if you are alone when exercising. NEVER push yourself to the point of serious physical harm.

The MS Gym is an excellent avenue for movement. Trevor Wicken is a certified corrective exercise specialist whose resume is extensive. At the MS Gym, various levels of movement are offered and built upon. The sessions are short and in-depth explanations are given. I highly recommend the MS Gym.

Body Groove is another movement plan that is rather unconventional in its approach. If you like to dance, this is the place for you. Misty Tripoli (www. is a self-proclaimed seeker of truth who sincerely believes we can be our best selves by moving. Body Groove is fun.

It is easy to get caught up in the movements of Body Groove, so be careful to position yourself in a space that offers easily reached balance aids.

Not interested in video or online movement plans? If you are comfortable in gym settings, that’s great. Often local gym owners, yoga studios, school PE programs, and PT clinics offer viable suggestions and avenues.

Do you or your children have Wii? This is the perfect mix of fun AND exercise. I monitor my weight, BMI, and physical progression on my Wii. I bowl every day and sometimes even convince another family member to join me. On one of my son’s Wii videos, there is a fantastic boxing activity that incorporates upper and lower body strength and coordination. The balance exercises are challenging but beneficial. I love the Wii.

The point is simple: JUST MOVE. Start small. Work your way up. Get in the routine of moving.

I hope my interpretation of Dr. Adam Kaplin’s ABCs of Good Mental and Emotional Health is working for you. Regardless of the advancements in medical knowledge and MS research, the bottom line is that we are responsible for our own basic treatment of the disease. Research and study. The more we know the better equipped we are in fighting the MonSter.

Have a great weekend!

Lisa, Lady With the Cane


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