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The origin of a dream

                                                      September 2011 brought a new challenge for me as a public educator. I was to teach seventh grade for the first time. One would think that this could not possibly be much different than the eighth graders to whom I was accustomed; but, any instructor of middle-grade students is aware of the maturation occurring within the bodies and minds of these youngsters. It was only for one year that I added a class of seventh-graders to my curriculum. I needed a new idea or two in designing my daily lessons. A solution came to me early on. This group of seventh graders was particularly bright. After only two weeks of participating in ou8r weekly Friday Journal Sharing, a student had the audacity to ask me  to share my writing with the class.  "We know you're writing, Mrs. McCombs. You've even got a special journal to write in," James said. "And sometimes I see you laughing at what you're writing." The perceptive

2021 Goals

                                                                2021 GOALS                                                                    I'm not making resolutions this year. Instead, I will follow the guidance learned in Ninja Writers over the holidays. I have GOALS for the new year, as well as a projected five-year plan for my life. My goals for 2021: * Publish two more Church of Go novels: The Day Ted Williams Came to Town is about a newcomer to Ellison whose purpose is to graduate from high school to resume his city life exploits from the previous  year. Ted is not aware of the restorative pull of the little town of Ellison. Sam(son) and (De)Lila is the tale of two high school juniors destined to be together regardless of their seemingly different lifestyles.  A fluky summer school assignment teaches Sam and Delila the meaning of family and the importance of faith.                                                         * Lady With the Cane