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MS Blogging on a Saturday

Since I've exhausted my insurance for physical therapy plus the need to isolate from Covid, I recently joined MS Gym under the guidance of Trevor Wicken. Of course, I am totally on the honor code by exercising online with no credibility other than myself; but, the cost is comparable to joining an actual gym, and all activities are catered to multiple sclerosis.

My goal is to do a lesson daily, but that doesn't always work out and, even more importantly, that isn't Coach T's (as he refers to himself) purpose. His strategy is to retrain the brain with repetitive challenges specific to each individual that (over time) will provide positive physical responses to trained posture and body attitude. I agree with his strategy and want to make my virtual Coach proud, but my muscles are in constant rebellion.

Since I'm paying for it, though, I must persist.

Check out the MS Gym at

I find myself practicing many of his tips at any given moment.

The exercises can be done standing or sitting depending on the prescribed Movement Map you fall into. There are so many activities on this site that I sometimes get lost in the variety.

My biggest pet peeve with MS Gym is that my physical space is a bit limited for floor exercises. No matter how much clearing I do, there is always that random item in my way. Also, I tend to sneeze a lot when my nose is so close to the carpet in my bedroom. But, as with anything, I make allowances and sometimes perform my own version of Coach T's teachings.

Another negative result of practicing at the MS Gym is that my muscles always activating, especially those in my right leg and foot. I assume that is because I have drop foot on the right side? That's a question I need to get answered. 

Which brings me to a plus of belonging to MS Gym. Start U Sensations: Thirty Day Orientation for New MS Gym Members is a FaceBook group that is closely monitored with ready responses and excellent conversation about multiplied sclerosis. You can ask anything there and someone will either have an answer or will find one. 

I think the biggest positive to MS Gym is that Trevor and his staff sincerely care about you as a person and respect that you are living with a disability. He is intent upon helping MSers live their best life. His messages are encouraging and often emotional. I like that he is a man of faith, but he does not flaunt the fact. Hue doesn't need to. His actions say it all.

I hope you look into MS Gym. It's not the only organization out there, but it's a good one. Take it from someone who's always looking for the next best thing for treating MS. 

That's I have on this Saturday. Have a great MS free weekend.

Lisa, Lady with the Cane

Taopatch News: Although I do not have actual footage of my progress, I can say that on the days I remember to wear the patch, I move much easier and lift my drop foot much higher. I am definitely more steady. You'll just have to take my word until I can produce a viable video. Pardon my technological weakness:(



Personalized copies can be obtained by shooting me a message here. 

                                                              I pay US postage.



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