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Happy New Year!

                      anything that can go wrong will go wrong                Sometimes, I have found, it's best to embrace Murphy's Law and get on with your day. With merely hours separating us from the end of the cruelest year in my memory, here are my words (plagiarized) to you. Looking back at the events of 2020, it is difficult to admit the positive points, but they are there buried amid the rubbish. Here is mine: 1. I was published in two anthologies. 2. I had the opportunity to enroll in two phenomenally helpful writing venues: Inkers con and Ninja Writers. 3. The MS Gym entered my life, which is extremely beneficial when I can force myself to participate:) 4. I've caught up on my reading and exhausted my Netflix list. 5. I'm developing a five year Life Goal List and plan to implement it. (Really. Honestly. Absolutely. It's gonna happen. Squirrel!) This brings me to my immediate purpose before the clock strikes midnight. I am forgoing resolutions this year in

Christmas 2020

                                                                                          Our little coal-mining town held its first-ever ATV Christmas Parade on December 12, 2020. The joy it brought to the community is still the top home town news. This is me and my handsome Fire Chief husband ready to ride.    Christmas week is here! Are you ready to make new memories in this time of ridiculousness? Are the presents wrapped? (That's my job today.) Is the fruit cake fermenting? (Does anyone actually eat that stuff?)                              MS is difficult enough, but with the stress of any added event, our symptoms magnify. It has been my goal t his year to only ENJOY the holiday season.  As I look around my cluttered living room, I know it will resemble my cozy stone cottage by nightfall and I will be enveloped in a festive atmosphere once again. 2020 has not been a year of cozy atmosphere, though, and I sid19incerely pray for those individuals who have suffered and are yet


                             🎂 #Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today, my child, my baby boy, the reason I am still here on this earth, crosses out of teenage years and becomes an official young adult. Twenty years ago today, the most important person in my life was born. Six months later, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had to make serious lifestyle and mindset decisions. It was a no-brainer. I now had the greatest responsibility known to mankind. I had to be s parent and had no time to devote to a disease of any kind.  ALL my time and energy had to be reserved for this precious gift. I hate to admit this, but if not for this child, I might have succumbed to the many temptations before me in the treatment of MS. It was a dark period in my life. Boone saved my life. I tell him that often. His existence in my life has never been a hardship, but initially, I feared the MonSter would not allow me to adequately care for him. During the introduction to my new normal, Boone shed hum

MS Blogging on a Friday

No, I am not trying to start a new use for sandwich bag ties nor do I suggest this as a new fashion. I just wanted to show you the culprit of all my walking, and balance issues. THAT TOE right there has controlled my entire body for months. THAT TOE chooses not to obey commands. It creates spasms and dictates to the rest of my foot and leg how to behave on any given day. From THAT TOE electrical sensations plague my right leg muscles and my inner ankle before sending a message up as far as my inner thigh muscles. My muscles quiver daily and not in a good way. (Sorry Fabio.) I find myself massaging my right foot and ache often in an attempt to soothe THAT TOE. I realize that it's not the TOE'S fault for my discomfort, but it's the MonSter's scape boat since I don't know what or who else to blame. I practice bending THAT TOE and curling it under to remind it where it is supposed to be and what it is supposed to do. Sometimes it's a proud little trooper showing me

MS Reading and Twitching

Did you hear the news? The first two books in my Church of Go series are only .99 on Amazon! If you're a Kindle reader, take advantage of this bargain until the end of 2020.                                                    $15.95 If your reading tastes veer more to the book-in-hand, feel the vellum of the physical page, I am offering a great deal when books are ordered directly from me. Until the conclusion of this truly fascinating year, you can purchase either book for the original price OR a combo of any two for a slashed price of $30.00. I pay the postage.                                                    $16.95 Be the envy of all your friends and get them both or any combination of the two for $30.00! Just order directly from m

MS Blogging on a Saturday

Since I've exhausted my insurance for physical therapy plus the need to isolate from Covid, I recently joined MS Gym under the guidance of Trevor Wicken. Of course, I am totally on the honor code by exercising online with no credibility other than myself; but, the cost is comparable to joining an actual gym, and all activities are catered to multiple sclerosis. My goal is to do a lesson daily, but that doesn't always work out and, even more importantly, that isn't Coach T's (as he refers to himself) purpose. His strategy is to retrain the brain with repetitive challenges specific to each individual that (over time) will provide positive physical responses to trained posture and body attitude. I agree with his strategy and want to make my virtual Coach proud, but my muscles are in constant rebellion. Since I'm paying for it, though, I must persist. Check out the MS Gym at I find