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When life gives you lemons...

                  "He cashed in on his disabilities. He picked up the lemons that fate gave him and started a lemonade stand." -Elbert Hubbard 

So, what did you do with your weekend? It was a beautiful, crisp three days here in Monongah, West Virginia. Saturday offered a great day to watch Mountaineer football and commune with friends (socially distanced of course) in our OUTSIDE garage. We capped a win with a side-by-side ride that left our spirits high. 

Prior to my fun-filled Saturday. I spent Friday searching for equally fun-filled MS information to share with you.  When life gives you lemons...

This is a great article. It not only announces indications of MS, but it also offers tips on your MS diet.


10 Symptoms That Could Be MS

10 Foods That Fight Inflammation

Any time I see a menu that allows me to drink red wine, I'm all about it!

After eating and drinking, it's probably wise to counteract those calories with some movement. The MS Gym has become my go-to PT these days. Trevor Wicken devotes his life to getting us up and moving. His 1,2,3 program is a fun, easy way to wake up your body and improve balance. Check it out:

My only complaint about MS Gym is the lack of accountability. I'm not super great at exercising unsupervised. The honor system of 1,2,3 is a wonderful thing for my lazy attitude while also a guilt infestation when I fail to complete the task with no reprimands. Of course, I'm harming myself for this lack of motivation. I KNOW I always feel better after exercising, but Netflix teases my mind with the next best binge-worthy series. Have you seen Away? Mind-blowing!

If you are in need of motivation, as I obviously am, tune in to Podcast host Bron Webster is touted as Expert MS Patient in the UK. I didn't know there was such a thing as an expert MS patient, but actually if you're living with multiple sclerosis you definitely an expert. So, fellow MS Experts, I hope you find solace in Bron's broadcasts. Since she and Trevor are associates, you've just tightened your circle of MS advocates, proving that WE ARE NOT ALONE. 

Okay, I've fed you; got you up and moving; and introduced you to some new friends. Take this info and fly with it. That Superhero cape you wear has been fueled and is ready for the week.

Have a good one,
Lisa, Lady with the Cane



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