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Letters to the MonSter: One of those days

                                                                                                              "It's one of those days? What can I do to make it a bit better?"  "Yes, it is one of those days. I would really appreciate it if you would carry my coffee cup for me." Do you ever yearn to hear this conversation? Especially on one of those days?  This morning I am dragging my right foot behind me and the tremors  are in full force. It's GAME day in Mountaineer country and WVU is allowing season ticket holders to occupy their seats at Miland Puskar Stadium. Although I no longer attend these beloved events, my husband is die-hard and anxious to hit the road. It is a noon game and I don't want to send him off with an empty stomach, but breakfast consists of two pieces of toast and some sad looking bacon. My hands are not cooperating and I had trouble with the frying utensils.  In my mind and in my heart I know that he would gladly help instead of fe

Writing Workshop with THE Rocket Boy

I hadn't planned to post again today, but there's big stuff going down (in my life) today. The first-ever virtual Rocket Boys Festival starts today at 11:00 EST. At 1:00 I will be joining the ORIGINAL Rocket Boy Homer Hickam to conduct a writing workshop for middle-grade readers/writers.   Am I jammed? You bet I am.  You can join us here: Join us live on Facebook and YouTube for the first virtual Rocket Boys Festival! Events will be broadcast live from 11 am - 2 pm on Oct 27-29. Homer Hickam will be in attendance along with several celebrity guests. The live stream will be broadcast on this Facebook page along with the Allen Media Strategies YouTube channel:… I truly pray I don't make a fool of myself. Five days to go until NaNoWriMo! Have a good day, Lisa

NaNOWriMo and MS

                                                                       Good Monday morning! The skies are rather gray in Monongah, WV, and there is a definite chill in the air. That's fine with time. I love fall and I love early mornings to myself. Soon this time of selfish peace will hold a stressful tension that I anticipate early. In seven days the BIG event is happening. NaNoWriMo is coming! On November 1, writers all over the world will commune in a thirty-day word race to capture 50,000 words. November is the month of gratitude honoring my favorite holiday and my favorite past time: Turkey Day and writing!  I'm what is referred to in the writing world as a Pantser. I rarely plan my stories, other than to jot down character names. I pretty much shoot from the hip. Since committing myself to Church of Go, my young adult series, setting and character goals are pretty much already in place. It's just my job to fill in the blanks. Church of Go started with my award-winning

fight back

                                                                                  Everyone was smiling and cheerful, but it was definitely difficult not to notice the woman in the wheelchair whose husband fed her because she couldn't control the shaking of her hands. And the guy who walked with a cane had a pretty hard time of making his mouth form correctly around the words he said. My heart really ached for the young mother who couldn't hold up her arms. Her best friend came with her and took care of the little girl and I{coud see the fear in her eyes for her friend. MS is such an UN-FAIR disease! - attending a first MS support meeting, Abby, Multiple Sclerosis is everywhere. It doesn't just affect the Warrior. MS attacks every aspect of life. When I write my first young adult novel, I was still reeling from my 2001 diagnosis but had no way of conveying my feelings without appearing to illi

We are Strong

Can I hear an Amen to that? We all do it, and if you don't you need to. We are our own destiny. We are our own superhero because we are strong. We are resilient. I know it's hard; sometimes downright improbable, but never impossible. Celebrate the small stuff because it's not small to us. I went camping last weekend and am ecstatic that I did not pee myself one time all weekend. Go ahead and laugh. I don't care. That is a HUGE accomplishment! The secret? I have NO IDEA, but I'm certainly not complaining. At this time, I am involved in several alternative treatments so it is difficult to identify the right combination but I'm narrowing it down. This is the fourth week of my TaoPatch therapy and I hope I'm not inventing the progress, slight though it is, I'm experiencing. I actually had planned to request a refund. That was before I lost one of my three patches. I then reminded myself of the expense and got serious about wearing the little disks daily (and