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TaoPatch and Me


Although fall is my favorite season, that doesn't mean I want to practice the literal meaning more than I normally do. That is why I invested in a rather unorthodox treatment for my MS.

So, I haven't forgotten update you on my TaoPatch experience; I unforgivably lost interest for a minute. I'm back at it again after further review of the benefits and use.

Starting Saturday, I reintroduced my body to the TaoPatch by wearing it the advised four hours a day for the first week. Today is Day three and, while there are no obvious effects, I am experiencing a subtle shift in my balance. If this is only psychological, so be it. 
Albeit an expensive experiment, this alternative is worth it if it helps alleviate my hateful footdrop. 

Miracle scams are out there, I know. If the TaoPatch falls into that category, oh, well. It is impossible to pass judgment on third party study. I am willing to take one for the team and put myself out there for the MS community. Unfortunately, just like the disease itself, every Warrior is different. MS is often a uniquely personalized condition.

Don't take my word for it; just know that I speak my truth. The first-hand experience thus far:

- I am not good at filming myself on my phone. I know, not particularly interesting, but extremely relevant to the printed directions that state it is imperative to record walking gait before patch application and fifteen minutes after patch application. You're just gonna have to take my word for it. Any self-filming was equally non-qualifiable. I'll try again with that visual evidence later down the road.

- On the second day of taping myself to the TaoPatch, I exceeded the four-hour rule and wore the darn thing all day. Whether the fault of my negligence causing an actual Patch over-dose or the personality of the disease, I do not know; but the results weren't good. On the third day, I did not wear the Patch due to a migraine from the firey pits down below.

- So, I began again this weekend, mindful of the prescribed application. So far, I am cognizant of an apparent improvement in balance while wearing two TaoPatches: one on my chest and the other at the base of my neck.

- An underlying use of the TaoPatch is supposedly relief from TMJ. I will attest to the fact that after a Patch treatment, I do NOT grind my teeth at night. Coincidence? Who knows? I'm not complaining. I also believe in ghosts.

The jury is still out on this, my recent MS cure. I will keep you posted.

Have a great week,
Lisa, the lady with the cane



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