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Sometimes the tears just fall.

                                                  I love my life. I really do. I'm happy most of the time and few things bring me down. That's why random tears confuse me. Just out of the clear blue sky my smile turns down and there aren't enough tissues in the box to dry the deluge running down my face.                                                  A recurring memory haunts me: the accusation that "you say you have MS, but I just think you've had too much to drink" pops up in my mind every time I stumble, pee myself, or fall. Unfortunately, all these events occur more and more. I do not blame non-MS Warriors of their ignorance. No one gets it  who doesn't live with it. We all know that.  Just had to vent after one of those  weekends. Have a wonderful Monday, Lisa, Lady with the Cane

TaoPatch and Me

                                                     Although fall is my favorite season, that doesn't mean I want to practice the literal meaning more than I normally do. That is why I invested in a rather unorthodox treatment for my MS. So, I haven't forgotten update you on my TaoPatch experience; I unforgivably lost interest for a minute. I'm back at it again after further review of the benefits and use. Starting Saturday, I reintroduced my body to the TaoPatch by wearing it the advised four hours a day for the first week. Today is Day three and, while there are no obvious effects, I am experiencing a subtle shift in my balance. If this is only psychological, so be it.  Albeit an expensive experiment, this alternative is worth it if it helps alleviate my hateful footdrop.  Miracle scams are out there, I know. If the TaoPatch falls into that category, oh, well. It is
Menu Search Community What Is MS? Diagnosis Symptoms MS & Mental Health Treatment Resea Accessibili What Not to Say to a Person with MS By  Mitch Sturgeon   ·  September 27, 2019 SHARE 119 People have the best intentions. They want to say something uplifting or profound to affect me in a positive way. They shouldn’t. It usually falls flat. I have lots of motivators in my life. Few of them are one or two-sentence clich├ęs from friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Let’s dive right in “I know how you feel.” No, you don’t. The fact that you had a pinched nerve once, or the fact that you had a mysterious virus 10 years ago that doctors were never able to identify – neither of these qualify you to know how I feel. Even if you survived stage IV cancer or use a wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury, you still don’t know. The way that I feel is a product not only of my condition but of the entirety of my life experiences. Sure, you went through a lot, but you can’t possibly know how I

Where were you?

                                                                                   September 11, 2000, 9:00 AM, my six-month pregnant body stood behind my classroom podium, proctoring an English test. Co-worker John DeFazio slipped through my classroom door to whisper the news in my ear. The twin towers have been hit. Meet at Steve's office next period. With my mind focused elsewhere, I admit I had no idea what he was talking about. The twin towers? Was that in Minnesota? Oh, Patrick in the back row has a question.2 A visit to the principal's office cleared my confusion. As my fellow eighth-grade teachers viewed news feed on the office television, my heart filled with dread. The United States of America, the land of the free and the brave, my homeland, had been invaded by a poisonous evil I could never explain to our students ignorant of the news.   The phones would begin ringing soon, though. As keepers of the three hundred seventh and eighth graders at Miller Junior High Scho

Tao Patch

                                                                                 Taopatch: Nanotechnology + Acupuncture for Health & Wellness    I just now applied my Taopatch(es) to my skin. My husband recorded my walking gait prior to the application. I will record an after gait in a bit and will share at the end of the recommended 4 hour period. Observations thus far: the skin tape is VERY sticky. Am I imagining a slight tingling sensation? It is difficult to do this without assistance. I'll be back. Lisa