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All I want to do is take a walk.

Bioness devices are clinically proven with the ability to increase range of motion and reduce the risk of falls, while improving confidence and independence. 1,2 I'm fortunate enough to own two legs adorned with feet and all the ornaments necessary for an ambulatory life (knees, toes, calves, ligaments, muscles, ankles - Did I miss anything?). I also have an incredibly strong desire to move. I've spent a ridiculous amount of cash trying alternative methods of drop foot treatment, marking me as an obvious sucker in finding a cure. I don't normally proceed without a lengthy review of said product and I think that's what really gets my goat. I don't have money to throw around on purchases, so believe the sincerity of my desire to take a walk . I don't mean a few miles on the Appalachian Trail (although, that was a goal at one time in my life). I want to stroll throu

Taopatch = scam?

So, as I sit fuming about not receiving my TaoPatch order within the promised time, this article popped up on my computer screen. I fear I may have been swindled. Oh, well, won't be the first time.                                                        MS patient shines a light on the harms of misleading media messages

Let's get positive

                                                                       In the wake of Covid19, Marco and Laura, Trump and Biden, and the current racial unrest in the world, I MUST address the positive amidst the chaos. While the media insists on focusing on the gloom and doom of 2020, I urge you to cast your eyes upon a more hopeful message.  It's not all bad. This garbage has been around for centuries. We, the residents of 2020, just happen to have the advantage of technical knowledge to broadcast the world's catastrophes.  No, I'm not downplaying the situation. I'm just trying to focus that pot of gold I believe exists. Really, this craziness is laughable. Trump mentioned his opponent's weaknesses 41 times in his nomination acceptance last night on national television. Biden did not focus on Trump during his speech last week. Is he the better man? Not necessarily, but my political prowess is admittedly sub-par. Fault can be found with either candidate, leaving thi

Praise Petals

Have you reserved your copy? It's not too late! The Church of Go series continues with Praise Petals. High School sophomore, Rose Hicks, tolerates her limited social life as long as her sidekick, Jay Allen, is by her side, but when Jay receives the best news of his life Rose is forced to survive the rest of the school year at the mercy of school bully GODZILLY JENKINS. When she is recruited as a member of an all-girl praise team, Rose realizes that even the most popular girls have problems and that mean girls need love too.   Praise Petals: A Church of Go Novel Lisa A. McCombs   Releasing on September 08, 2020   Paperback :  $16.95   Be the first to write a review!!!!! Other books by Lisa A. McCombs Award-winning nonfiction. All our lives we are cautioned about "opening a Pandora's Box"; but in order to regain lost memories and overcome the devastating grief that drives her into

Dear MonSter

Dear MonSter, You've had me in your clutches for nearly twenty years and I don't like you any better than now then I did then. You are a relentless, evil, nasty, vile beast that continues to wear me down. That doesn't mean you've won, though.  As I continue to consume prescribed chemicals and endure grueling physical tests, I am one step closer to beating you at your own game. A morning e-mail informed me that my TaoPatch is on its way. It may not work. It may be another money trap seduction of hope. But, it just might be the experiment I've been looking forward to. Touted as a balance enhancer, this could very well be the alternative treatment that gets me to the restroom on time or keeps me on the croquet court longer. I'll take whatever advantage it gives. You, see, MonSter, you will never win this battle. MS Warriors are resilient beings that refuse to quit. Today I wrote a book review, paid bills, cleaned the kitchen, and repaired my thermostat. Granted phy

Praise Petals goes to print!

It's being printed as I type! My writing isn't only MS-related. Praise Petals is the second installment in my YA Christian series Church of Go. Be one of the first to grab a fresh-from-the-presses copy of my new YA novel! As the second addition to the Church of Go series---Did you read the first one, award-winning Bombs Burstinin Air?--- Praise Petals is a faith-based tale of seven high school sophomores thrown together in a mix of personalities. Please visit the fictional town of Ellison, West Virginia to worship with Pastor Larry at the Church of Go. Pre-ordered copies are available at: Inline image Praise Petals Praise Petals A Church of Go Novel - teen novel about friendship, bullying, and how joining her church all-girl praise team ch... Thank you for always reviewing novels on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or any other available platform. Love and Light, Lisa Reply, Reply All or Forw