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Improve Balance and Mobility:

Find out why tens of thousands of MS patients use Taopatch

$235.00 for a package of 3                  $419.00 for two packs          That's 10% off!

Okay. I'm game for any relief from my MS, but sometimes I just have to draw a line. Oh, don't get me wrong, I would definitely try this if I had a couple hundred bucks just lying around for frivolous expenses, but I exhausted this month's  "fun" money on my last on-line AFO purchase  (THAT was a bomb). 

So, if any of you try this Taopatch, let me know what you think. I'm all about alternative treatments. I love my essential oils and CBD, but neither has improved my balance or helped my drop foot with any significant notice. 

I've said it many times: MS is an expensive disease. In our quest as Warriors, we are susceptible to experimenting with our bodies (at least I am). In these current times of global unrest, the urgency of self-care becomes foremost in many minds. 

As of today, West Virginia reports over 2000 cases of the Virus that holds our world prisoner to fear and uncertainty. Since the governor lifted most of the mandatory restrictions of social distancing over Memorial Day weekend, 21 new cases have occurred. This does not surprise me but I am concerned that folks are letting down their guard and forgetting the last three months. 

Sure, I'm excited about the re-opening of many businesses, but I usually air on the side of caution. I WILL,  however, go to my physical therapy appointment on Friday; mask affixed to my face and a pocket full of hand sanitizer:)

Since Rebecca (Remember my PT?) is busy preparing for the birth of her daughter, I finally bit the MS bullet and scheduled to see someone at Fyzical in Fairmont. I've tried to keep fit on my own, but I obviously lack the fortitude/discipline required to combat my physical needs.

So, instead of jumping on the Taopatch wagon, (see, I really wasn't rambling) I'm dragging my body to a new facility where I know sincerely that my time with Rebecca will be sorely missed but I will be in the hands of a professional slave driver.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Anyway...if you missed my presentation on World MS Day, guess what? Here it is!

Please watch and comment. I hate watching myself and have of course spent far too much time critiquing my performance. Regardless, I appreciate your attention.

As always, I pay postage on any book purchases when ordered directly from me  (signed and with MS bling):

Books are also available (without a personal signature or MS bling):


Have a sunny week. Happy June!!!!!!!
Lisa, the lady with the cane


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Thanks in advance.

Have a wonderful weekend,

NOW IN KINDLE FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!