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Stress comes in all shapes and sizes, but the premise is the same.

ENT LIFE TI The College Student's Guide to Stress Ma [Infographic]anagement [Infographic] STUDENT LIFE The College Student's Guide to Stress Management [Infographic] I ran across this article this morning during my daily surfing session and found it extremely timely. Whether you are living with a disease such as MS, are an overwhelmed student, or anxious about the current state of the world, the information here is welcomed with open arms. Take time to focus on the positive today. Separate yourself from negatives influences. Remember that YOU control your emotional/mental/physical situation. Stop laying blame and be pro-active. Life is good.  Have a good day, Lisa, the Lady with the Cane                                                                         

The MS Illusion

                                                                                             I began working with a new PT last week and am happy to be back in the hands of a professional. Time will tell if he is as good as Rebecca, but she's a tough cookie to follow. (Oh, hey, Rebecca, he's going to do dry needling hooked up to the Tens machine. Thoughts?) Of course, all of America is packing on the freshman fifteen lately, so this reintroduction to physical movement will serve double duty; especially since new PT has prescribed doing his exercises twice a day. Every day. I spent the weekend at our camp where fellow camping pals commented on how well I'm doing with my disease. These folks have known me for years but don't really know me. If they did, my fake bravado would be more than obvious. The reason I seem to be doing well is due to a tremendous amount of hard work; thus, the MS Illusion. If I don't stretch  (back, hamstrings, arms) before  get

My Truth

Improve Balance and Mobility: Find out why tens of thousands of MS patients use Taopatch GET IT NOW $235.00 for a package of 3                  $419.00 for two packs          That's 10% off! Okay. I'm game for any relief from my MS, but sometimes I just have to draw a line. Oh, don't get me wrong, I would definitely try this if I had a couple hundred bucks just lying around for frivolous expenses, but I exhausted this month's  "fun" money on my last on-line AFO purchase  (THAT was a bomb).  So, if any of you try this Taopatch, let me know what you think. I'm all about alternative treatments. I love my essential oils and CBD, but neither has improved my balance or helped my drop foot with any significant notice.  I've said it many times: MS is an expensive disease. In our quest as Warriors, we are susceptible to experimenting with our bo