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Today's Purpose

                                             Today's Purpose

Does she ever stop sharing information? You ask.

Isn't there something else she could be doing? You ponder.

Will she ever stop posting about multiple sclerosis? You want to know?

Get a life! You scream at the screen.

Or not. Maybe you really do learn something from my rantings. If so, thank you and you're welcome.

I love causes. I'm crazy about projects. I need a purpose in my life and I always have a campaign in need of attention.

Currently, I am preparing to immerse myself into the findings offered in this book:

the LDN Book

My copy is ordered. I'm anxious to learn more about Low Dose Naltrexone and it's relationship to the treatment of multiple sclerosis, among other neurological conditions.
It sounds promising.
That's all I'm gonna give you on the topic for now = official cliff hanger.

Instead, I'll let you in on today's challenge.

Today, May 1, 2020, is the first-ever #WMPitch event on Twitter. The purpose of this event is to draw agent attention to current writing projects in the hope of nailing that one successful pitch. 

The rules: Tweet three separate book pitches any time between 8AM and 8PM today. I posted my first pitch at the strike of 8AM and am anxious to add another in a little while. If an agent is interested, he/she will ❤️ my tweet, which means I need to investigate that agent and contact he/she ASAP. It's exciting. It's nail-biting. Its another step toward my purpose of acquiring a literary agent. 

Want to help? 

 Go to @LisaAMcCombs on twitter and retweet my pitch. Don't heart it. Don't comment. Just retweet.

Thank you. 

Have a great weekend.

Happy May!

Lisa, the lady with the cane



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Thanks in advance.

Have a wonderful weekend,

NOW IN KINDLE FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!