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David Lyons interview

I believe in knowing as much about your circumstance as possible. MS is an individual condition and each of us owns our disease and we manage it in a fashion that works for us.

Each story is an inspiration. Each story offers hope. Each story is supremely important for being the best of and for ourselves.

David Lyons works his story for the benefit of each and every MS Warrior. I am honored to share this insight into David's devotion to the MS World. Thank you, David, for sharing with us.

What advice do you give newly diagnosed Warriors?
The advice I give to anyone diagnosed with MS is that there are 4 keys to fitness that will help them to conquer this disease. #1 mindset #2 exercise #3 nutrition #4 alternative treatments
But without #1 mindset being first and foremost, the other 3 will not work well. We all have to have to remain positive and tell our bodies what we expect, not let MS tell us what it expects!  The body will do what the mind tells it to if you tell it enough times!  

What is your biggest pet peeve about naysayers?
Naysayers are usually uninformed, uneducated or untrained about the power of fitness in overcoming MS.  My pet peeve is that they speak without knowing what they are saying or why they are saying negative things. 

Although you exhibit superior physical abilities, what is something you miss most from your life prior to your multiple sclerosis diagnosis?
Thank you for that compliment!  Superior is a big term.   The reason I am able to do what I do in the gym is because I am determined, motivated and inspired to continue to beat MS through bodybuilding.  I am, like all of us with MS, always trying to stay ahead of the symptoms and stronger than my limitations.  I miss being able to lift the heavy weights I used to before MS and not have that result in an injury. I have torn my chest and hamstring muscles more than once, broke my foot and strained many other body parts trying to push the weights I did pre-diagnosis.  It makes me realize I am not invisible and that bothers me! 

I understand that you benefit from stem cell therapy. How did you learn about this treatment? What are the qualifications for this treatment?
I have gone for two umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants over the past few years.  I was actually approached by the stem cell clinic to be involved in the initial stages of this MS treatment for them. Since there is no chemotherapy in this type of stem cell transplant procedure and no negative effects possible, as long as there are no other underlying conditions like cancer, I believe the qualifications are easy.  These treatments from in the Cayman Islands, have given me tremendous results and reversal of the MS issues I had with my left leg and drop foot. That leg is now pretty much as good as my right one and I am able to run on a treadmill, jump rope and squat 500 lbs again which I had not done since my diagnosis in 2006. 

In the past months a West Virginian, Melissa Willaims-Egnor, traveled to Russia for stem cell therapy. She was denied treatment when a heart condition was detected. Melissa is now home awaiting the next step. Insurance evidently does not recognize stem cell therapy as a legitimate treatment, forcing Melissa to raise funds for this venture on a Fund Me account. Do you know of other methods for collecting the funds for this expensive treatment?
I believe the Russian therapy involves chemotherapy and is $50,000 plus travel.  The therapy I had was much less costly ($20,000 with travel costs) and there are patients who have gone for this treatment to help with heart conditions. Melissa may want to look into DVC Stem.  Unfortunately the funds you pay for this is all out of pocket and it's our responsibility to find those funds.  DVC Stem does have a finance plan that can help those that need it. 

What other medicinal therapy (alternative or traditional) do you recommend?
I have worked with an amazing naturopath MD, Dr. Mark Vance, at the Vance Medical Clinic in Meridian Idaho who administered a very specialized glucose treatment injected directly into my fingers, hands, arms and other areas of numbness with miraculous results. He also worked on stimulating my nerves and some very unique techniques only he can explain!  He's a miracle worker who has helped some of the MSers who came to my Training Camp last year and they are still experiencing the benefits.  I also take anti-inflammatory supplements and other muscle recovery nutrients that have kept me continuing to be able to make progress in the gym despite MS and being a ripe old 62!  Other than this natural direction, I take no MS meds. 

David not only advocates for MS recovery, but he is also the founder of the MS Fitness Challenge. I participated in a challenge earlier this year. I thoroughly enjoyed my daily exercises and stretches and, even though participation is virtual, I felt an accountability to the program. I was validated in my desire to put up a fight, especially when the results were obvious. 

As the MS Fitness Challenge continues to grow, David is busy organizing a bigger campaign to raise MS awareness, not only in March (MS Awareness Month) but as a daily focus.

Check it out!

We are getting ready to launch a worldwide campaign for 
MS Fitness Challenge
 and are looking for some Ambassadors to help us in the promotion of this campaign to raise funds so our charity can continue to provide all the fitness support we have brought you over the past 8 years. Covid 19 has not only negatively impacted individuals, small businesses and large companies but it has also hurt non profit charities, especially small ones like MSFC. The big guys have lots of money behind them with the millions of dollars they spend on ads, marketing, celebrity endorsements and fundraising campaigns. Small causes like MSFC do not spend your donation funds on these things. We put the money into helping you every day battle MS through fitness. So, if you have influence, a following or just a big heart for what we are doing, let me know and I will get you information on this campaign to support our cause. The target date for the launch is May 30...World MS Day!



Not only is David Lyons a fitness expert and MS Warrior, but he is also the author of David's Goliath, a personal look into his journey with multiple sclerosis.

I highly recommend this book. David's story is one of inspiration and hope and TOTALLY realistic. So many times we allow ourselves to succumb to the ugliness of multiple sclerosis. David shows us how to fight back. (David did NOT ask me to share this.)

One more thing about David Lyons before I head off to my third and final edit of Praise Petals. I hope you took the time to read my first chapter. If so, please let me know your thoughts. I'm feeling pretty good about this one:)

ONE MORE THING about David Lyons: He's a Christian. David shares in his book the importance of knowing God and relying upon His power of healing. I think I might be a little bit in love with David Lyons, but I doubt his wife or my husband would appreciate knowing that, so it'll be our little secret. shhhhhhhh

Thank you, David, for sharing with us here at Lady with the Cane.

Have a wonderful week!
Lisa, Lady with the Cane




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