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Virtual MS Walk and BOGO

My MS Walk was supposed to be this weekend in Morgantown, WV. I say my MS Walk as if it belongs to me. I am only a small portion of the total participation. 

If you've never attended such an event, you're missing out on a day of fun fellowship, hope, and positive energy.

MS Warriors, physical therapists, support groups, friends and family, and concerned citizens all gather to share in their support for a cause that has become very dear to me.

I participated in my first MS Walk in the 1980s, long before my diagnosis. In fact, I had no idea what MS was. As an aerobics instructor at the local wellness center, I was invited to construct a team to participate in this fundraiser located at our state capital. It sounded like a great girls' weekend. 

We petitioned our friends and colleagues for donations and set off on a walking adventure. We were fit. We were strong. We were anxious to donate to this event hile doing what we loved: exercising. One would have thought that this girl would have been smart enough not to wear a brand new pair of Nikes for a two-mile hike across the city. I was, after all, college-educated. 

Ha! The blisters that bled into my new socks proved how important that diploma was that day.

It was fun, though. We each added a new t-shirt to our individual collections and felt good about being good people. We finished the walk, limping, sweating, and excited to celebrate with a cold margarita at a local Chi Chi's. (After showers and band-aids.)

The next time I signed up for this annual event, was over twenty years later and closer to home at the area VA Park in Clarksburg, WV. My BFF went with me. We paid our fee, collected our t-shirts and complimentary water bottles, walked to the nearest bench, and sat for the entirety of the walk. The temps had soared to an uncomfortable level for my newly diagnosed MS. I urged her to participate, that I would be fine. I could pass out bananas and water to the passing walkers.

But, being the best BFF ever, she declined and sat with me. Maybe she was wearing brand new sneakers and feared the dreaded blisters? I don't think so. That's just the kind of friend she's always been.

I haven't actually walked in an event since then, but I attend regularly in Morgantown, WV every spring. I set up a little table on which to display my books. I help with registration. I spend the afternoon talking with other Warriors and sharing experiences. On that day I donate any books sales to NMSS. If I don't sell enough to reach my personal goal, of course, I make up the balance. 

I look forward to this event every year. 

With the state of our world in 2020, MS Walks across the country are adopting a new look. This year I will walk the walk. It will probably take me all day, but I'm gonna wear down my carpet until I reach my limit. 

Since I'm selling books from home, I'm offering a special BOGO from now until  Sunday, April 26. 

Buy one, get one. I'll pay shipping. 

BOGO $13.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact me:

Get warmed up and take a walk with me on Saturday!

Lisa, the lady with the cane


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