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Suck it up, Buttercup

Step into My Shoes (tennis shoes)

I know, I know, we've heard it all before; probably on a daily basis if you're lucky enough (a matter of personal perspective) to be mobile enough to get out in the world.

But it's so true and  I feel sorry for folks not afflicted with a chronic, life-changing disease. Yes, that sounds rather crazy, but it's true. People who do not battle through every day to be normal have little to no empathy. They truly believe they do, but they are the frustrated know-it-alls who sincerely don't have a cell of common sense in their brain.  

Frustrated? you ask. Yes, that's what I said. They are frustrated because they truly do not know everything and refuse to admit it.

Every now and then, my strength as a Warrior reminds me that this thing we call MS is not what it thinks it is. I hate the attitude I get about it, though. I truly believe that my MonSter is responsible for the callous mindset that has developed within me. Not long ago I heard someone loudly expressing a physical discomfort. Pitiful groans and moans emanating from the said complaint could be heard throughout the store. 

 It is nearly impossible to know what to say to someone who has no idea what you're living with, even when they insist they do. So, what do you say to someone obviously living in that alternate world of reality we MSers left behind? If you don't know the answer it is best to just remain silent.

You know what I'm talking about. You have your own collection of ridiculous sentiments.

  • Aren’t you too healthy-looking to have MS?
  • Try this herb; it helped my cousin’s uncle’s sister’s friend who has MS.
  • Well, aren’t you taking meds? Then why is your MS still bothering you?
  • Are you contagious?
  • Stop using MS as an excuse. You can’t feel that way ALL the time.
  • Oh, TRUST me, I know exactly how you feel!
  • Isn’t that what Michael J. Fox has?
  • You could die from this you know.
  • You can’t blame MS for everything.
  • You’re tired? I’m really tired.
  • Oh, that’s nothing – I get that all the time.

Why is the public so very intent upon discussing the MonSter, reminding us Warriors that we are substandard, silently ridiculing us in a misdirected attempt to sympathize? I don't know about you but I want no sympathy. In fact, I want no additional attention drawn my way. I am fully aware of my differences. Believe me when I tell you that my special needs status comes of no surprise to me.


So, when you're feeling low this week remember that we MS Warriors are strong. We thrive. We don't need sympathy.

So to all the poor fortunate individuals who do not suffer from MS, "suck it up buttercup" because we Warriors do so every day.

Love and Light,
Lisa, the lady with the cane


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