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Some good news/Some bad news: It's Your Choice


Good morning, Warriors! According to the latest televised news reports, some states in our nation are entertaining a reopening soon. Good news.

Now let's balance that out. There is a meat shortage in America. Bad news.

Now might be a good time to go vegetarian. Except for the fact that fresh produce is being dumped daily. With schools closed across the USA, an over-abundance of fruits and vegetables are wasted with no avenue to follow. Bad news.

All that waste saddens me. If my family has learned nothing else from this horrible, horrible time, it is to waste nothing. We eat the leftovers of leftovers until every crumb is consumed before preparing the next big meal. Good news for me since I don't like to cook. If I was single, my kitchen would contain the absolute minimal: teabags, yogurt, peanut butter, a few pieces of fruit. 

I'm not really concerned about food. I love to eat if someone else prepares the food, but my palate doesn't require much. Good news.

One thing I sincerely miss is PT. Right before my state officially closed down, the rehab center I frequent shut its doors for a totally unrelated COVID19 reason. I miss Rebecca and all the other friendly faces at Fairmont Regional Physical and Occupational Center. although I left with a library of exercises in my possession,  solitary exercising gets stale after a while. Bad news.

Fortunately, that's when I turn to my virtual exercise buddies. Most recently I daily visit Body Groove expert Misty Tripoli.

Misty openly admits she doesn't like exercise, but she LOVES to dance. Body Groove is something you can do alone or with others. It's a big dance party. Participants are free to intensify and personalize the workout. It's fun! (Thank you, Susie, for introducing me to Body Groove.) Good news.

If a fun workout isn't your style, look up David Lyons.

Good news. David offers exercises, strengthening events and personal challenges for MS Warriors. I'm not saying that working with David Lyons isn't fun, but it is more of a rigid program than Body Groove, which is actually an effective exercise disguised as fun.

AND...David Lyons is also an MS Warrior.

Whether I'm gettin' down with Missy or stretching muscles with David, I am moving.

Sure I miss the structure of physical therapy sessions and, yes, I'm feeling the ill effects of not physically being present in the gym, but I refuse to allow isolation to be my downfall.

So, take this time of quarantine to take control of the situation. 

We have nothing else today. Besides, with all the Netflix bingeing and snack foods, we ALL need to get on our feet! 

Take control. Stay well. Stay home. Stay positive.

Lisa, the lady with the cane

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