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Virtual Walk/Zoom meeting update




Well, how did your virtual walk go? Successful?

My planned walking route:

Down the basement stairs to circle the family room before exiting the side door and into daylight.  Across the driveway o the alley road, wave at my backyard neighbor and continue up the alley (it's a steep climb) to circle around to the avenue and down to my front door where I briefly enter the living room before taking an immediate sharp left into the bedroom for a stroll around the bed and back out the door into the adjoining living room.
Into the kitchen again to detour in and out of the bathroom, into the kitchen for two circles around the middle of the room (any more and I would get dizzy), out the backdoor, down the porch steps to the attached garage to re-enter the house, up the basement steps through the living room and out the front door to take a right and walk down the avenue...whew...At this point, the plan ends and I wing it until my legs refuse to continue.

Well, that was the plan.

Instead, I suddenly became ridiculously essential to my family and instead went to the grocery store.

Don't fret. With help from Misty Tripoli and Body Groove, I managed to get thirty minutes of fun movement and 6,000 steps under my belt. Not my original goal, but according to my limited math abilities, I estimated a $60.00 donation to NMSS. I will write that check later today.

On Friday, April 24, I participated in a totally different PSA by reading a chapter from I Have MS. What's Your Super Power?  in a Zoom meeting sponsored by my publisher Headline Books  

I am not going to comment on my very brief performance.  I am not a big people person and hate drawing attention to myself, so after the reading, I didn't have much to say. Lesson learned: I'll do better next time. Promise.

Check it out, though:

Of course, the goal is to draw attention to authors and sell books.

Well, I'm drawing attention to Headline authors and I hope you'll buy a few books. Here's the schedule. Keep checking for updates.





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