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Distract Yourself

                                                                     Distracted Driving

Need a distraction? Ha! Who doesn't?

In the depths of Coronavirus panic the days are getting longer, time is has slowed to an agonizing halt and the heebie-jeebies are out in full force. Where once we would be excited about sleeping in, working from home, or forgetting where we put the mascara wand, the equation equals depression. 

Just yesterday, my exiled (from dorm life) college freshman son admitted to feeling extremely anxious. Normally this situation of home confinement would be PARADISE.  Living in PJs,  holed up with his computer where university lectures are delivered online in the privacy of his Dorito littered bedroom is the dream life for this computer gaming real-life Sheldon Cooper. 

Sometimes I don't see him for hours...days...

Now, he's anxious.

The biggest issue with this is he doesn't know why he feels this way. THAT is what upsets him most. He needs a reason for this unsettling emotion. There s no logic to explain it.
Since I'm is mother, I really don't know much of anything so nothing I say helps. Guess what? I feel anxious also. The entire world feels anxious.

My cat even feels anxious. We thought we lost her this week. Following abnormal behavior over the course of a few days, my sweet Carmen ended up in the animal emergency clinic with little chance of survival. High blood pressure resulted in at least two seizures. Dehydration agitated a pre-existing kidney situation. A heart murmur required round the clock care and to top it all off, she exhibited temporary blindness.

My husband and I prepared for the worst but accepted it as a sad fact of life. She is after all, 15+ years old.

Then, BAM! Carmen came back to life, resurrected and headed home for this Holy weekend of reverence and joy. Now the fun really starts.

Have you ever given a cat a pill? Ha! That is something that will definitely add to your anxiety, but it's doable.

The red flag anxiety comes when I have to give her fluids. With a needle and an IV bag. Three times a week. 

Now spell anxiety. My angsty teenage son has NO idea how anxious his mother feels right now. But this is not a time to compare notes on personal levels of emotion.

I refuse to allow Covid19 take all the credit for our emotional state of mind. Weird things are happening everywhere. Winter finally decided to make a visit here in West Virginia after depriving those of us winter lovers of the fluffy white stuff and blustery days of coziness that mark the season. I was wearing short-sleeved t-shirts and peddle pushers last week. This morning I am bundled up and hugging my teacup to stay warm.

Another anxiety builder is the fact that we have have a full moon forever. Every time I look in the night sky it seems that chunk of cheese is staring right at me. The moon has immense power over our mental and physical attitude.

Oh, and let's not forget the fact that this IS Easter weekend when we are supposed to be with family. There is supposed to be a ham on the table Sunday after church. The Easter Bunny's sugar-infused goodies are on the minds of every child and cringing parent across the globe. 

Instead, we face a day of virtual celebrations and isolated worship.

Can I rain on your already soaking parade any more? I bet I can, but I won't. 

We need a distraction, not more emotional destruction.

And so, I offer this challenge:

What book was top of the charts the year you were born?

Mine was Exodus by Leon Uris. Amazingly, I've never read it and I read everything. 

Already surrounded by volumes and volumes of reading projects,  I am now challenged to add Exodus to the immediate top of my must-read list. (That kind of elevates my anxiety but in a good way.)

Visit this site to find the popular book of your birth year and get distracted.

Not happy with the book you're given? Check out one of mine.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and remember what has become our global mantra: This too will pass. We're all in this together.

Love and Light,
Lisa, the lady with the cane


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