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It's not your job to worry about others.

Covid19 Dr. Lorna Breen Global Pandemic 2020 This morning on the Today Show, Savannah Guthrie spoke with Dr. Lorna Breen's sister concerning the importance of remembering the urgency with which medical personnel is facing. Dr. Lorna Breen "could not sit down." After contracting the virus herself, she agreed to convalesce at her sister's home where she showed positive signs of recovery. Dr. Lorna Breen worked on the front line where she was responsible for treating Covid patients, talking with families, watching those patients die, and notifying the families.  Dr. Lorna Breen committed suicide. This should not be viewed as a weakness. Dr. Lorna Breen succumbed to the overwhelming, unbelievable, ridiculous pressure of ignoring her personal pain to protect others from the fear engulfing her. She had to be strong. She had to fake her attitude.  Dr. Lorna Breen was selfless. Dr.Lorna Breen was a hero. MS Warriors are heroes. You know that. I know th

Foot Drop exercises

Do you suffer from foot drop like I do? If so, today's post is for you. Foot drop exercises help reverse the condition by retraining the brain to control dorsiflexion. I know it looks like I'm taking short cuts for today's post (okay, caught me), but I cannot relay this important information as well as these professionals; so, please take time to click on each of the links for valuable foot drop therapy. Excellent exercise! (personal opinion) I don't know about you, but I must do at least a little physical therapy every day . With the closure of my particular physical therapy facility (not a result of Covid19) I'm currently winging it on my own; therefore, finding a new PT is on my post-virus to-do list (after that much

Virtual Walk/Zoom meeting update

                                                                                                                                                     Well, how did your virtual walk go? Successful? My planned walking route: Down the basement stairs to circle the family room before exiting the side door and into daylight.  Across the driveway o the alley road, wave at my backyard neighbor and continue up the alley (it's a steep climb) to circle around to the avenue and down to my front door where I briefly enter the living room before taking an immediate sharp left into the bedroom for a stroll around the bed and back out the door into the adjoining living room. Into the kitchen again to detour in and out of the bathroom, into the kitchen for two circles around the middle of the room (any more and I would get dizzy), out the backdoor, down the por

Virtual MS Walk

Will you walk with me? First-ever virtual MS Walk: I'm not asking for donations. Rather, I am offering you a deal.  Buy one, get one:  BOGO $13.00 until Sunday, April 26, 2020

Virtual MS Walk and BOGO My MS Walk was supposed to be this weekend in Morgantown, WV. I say my MS Walk as if it belongs to me. I am only a small portion of the total participation.  If you've never attended such an event, you're missing out on a day of fun fellowship, hope, and positive energy. MS Warriors, physical therapists, support groups, friends and family, and concerned citizens all gather to share in their support for a cause that has become very dear to me. I participated in my first MS Walk in the 1980s, long before my diagnosis. In fact, I had no idea what MS was. As an aerobics instructor at the local wellness center, I was invited to construct a team to participate in this fundraiser located at our state capital. It sounded like a great girls' weekend.  We petitioned our friends and colleagues for donations

MS Pain Scale

I'm a solid 2 today but I am enjoying the idea of being a 3. Wine chilling in the fridge. Happy Friday! Stay well. Stay positive. Stay home. Lisa, the lady with the cane

Need vs Want

                                                            OMG! He followed me. He never does that. I am an early riser. I love my crack of dawn time. This is when I stretch, groom the cat, and WRITE.  Not this morning. My husband, who never gets out of bed before 8AM unless he has an appointment (since his work layoff, compliments of Covid19) arose with me at 6:15 AM and is now reading the paper with the overhead lights fully lit. Of course, he insists on reading articles to me and sharing thoughts about today's news. How dare he infringe pon my quiet time. I really don't need this attention. Or, do I? There is a fine line between need and want. I feel that I need a haircut and a manicure, but do I really? Or do I just want whose grooming pleasures? I don't think there is a factual need for tailored hair and pretty fingernails. No one has ever died from a lack of perfected personal appearance. At least I don't think that's ever happened.  In fact,

Some good news/Some bad news: It's Your Choice

                                                                              Good morning, Warriors! According to the latest televised news reports, some states in our nation are entertaining a reopening soon. Good news. Now let's balance that out. There is a meat shortage in America. Bad news. Now might be a good time to go vegetarian. Except for the fact that fresh produce is being dumped daily. With schools closed across the USA, an over-abundance of fruits and vegetables are wasted with no avenue to follow. Bad news. All that waste saddens me. If my family has learned nothing else from this horrible, horrible time, it is to waste nothing. We eat the leftovers of leftovers until every crumb is consumed before preparing the next big meal. Good news for me since I don't like to cook. If I was single, my kitchen would contain the absolute minimal: teabags, yogurt, peanut butter, a few pieces of fruit.  I'm not really concerned about food. I love to eat i

Suck it up, Buttercup

I know, I know, we've heard it all before; probably on a daily basis if you're lucky enough (a matter of personal perspective) to be mobile enough to get out in the world. But it's so true and  I feel sorry for folks not afflicted with a chronic, life-changing disease. Yes, that sounds rather crazy, but it's true. People who do not battle through every day to be normal have little to no empathy. They truly believe they do, but they are the frustrated know-it-alls who sincerely don't have a cell of common sense in their brain.   Frustrated ? you ask. Yes, that's what I said. They are frustrated because they truly do not know everything and refuse to admit it. Every now and then, my strength as a Warrior reminds me that this thing we call MS is not what it thinks it is. I hate the attitude I get about it, though. I truly believe that my MonSter is responsible for the callous mindset that has developed within me. Not long ago I heard someone loudly

Distract Yourself

                                                                      Need a distraction? Ha! Who doesn't? In the depths of Coronavirus panic the days   are getting longer, time is has slowed to an agonizing halt and the heebie-jeebies are out in full force. Where once we would be excited about sleeping in, working from home, or forgetting where we put the mas cara wand, the equation equals depression.  Just yesterday, my exiled (from dorm life) college freshman son admitted to feeling extremely anxious . Normally this situation of home confinement would be PARADISE.  Living in PJs,  holed up with his computer where university lectures are delivered online in the privacy of his Dorito littered bedroom is the dream life for this computer gaming real-life Sheldon Cooper.  Sometimes I don't see him for hours...days... Now, he's anxious. The biggest issue with this is he doesn't know why he feels this way. THAT is what upsets him most. He needs a reason fo

A New Drug?

                                                    I realize MS Awareness Month has officially ended according to the calendar, but we no longer live in a world that abides by calender time. Covid19 rules our days. Just like the existence of a multitude of chronic illnesses that plague many of us, we the citizens of Earth must make allowances for an invisible enemy. Not downplaying the truly terrifying realities of Covid19, I stress the idea that MSWarriors already possess a resilience for survival. We KNOW how to live without. Self-isolation is already part of our daily life. The reason may differ, but it is a practice with which we are not unfamiliar. March may be the official month of MS recognition, but in the lives of our calendar year, multiple sclerosis doesn't go away on March 31. Therefore, my personal awareness campaign is ongoing. March Madness may have been canceled, but MS Awareness continues and will continue until a cure is found.  Obviously, the medical


                                                                 Bored? Are you a couch potato? If you are already prone to this malady, the following information may be dangerous in encouraging this behavior. This writer is not responsible for damages done. As a result of today's blog topic,  my personal couch potato activities are responsible for the lack of yesterday's post. In an attempt to justify my actions, I blame Netflix (in the name of research).  The best way to prove a fact is to test it, right? Yesterday I definitely put Netflix to the test by watching hours of Safe, a one-season Harlon Coben creation that whetted my love for crime/mystery/action-based entertainment. Harlon Coben is an American author whose work I have enjoyed immensely over the years,  discovering Safe as Coben's break out into film became that much sweeter when The Five caught my attention another series of his own. I will finish The Five today (unless some saves me) so that I can


   BORED? READ!                                                                    Don't need shoes? Not much of a yarn person? I'm not judging. The best, VERY BEST way to combat boredom is to READ. Sure, I have books for sale, just look below, but I'm not the only fabulous author out there. Even if you are not necessarily inclined to pick up a book just for fun, there is no better way to keep your mind active and your hands free from mischief. Charge up your tablet or go old fashion (the best ) way and open that first page to allow yourself to fall into another world.  You don't necessarily have to buy anything (Credit cards are safe). I'm certain you have some form of the written word at your beck and call. Have a Bible? EVERY mode of writing is found right there: horror, romance, historical, crime, reality, mystery. How about meeting an author up close and personal from your tablet or computer screen? It's happening all over the globe. My publishing