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Tremors and MS

Image may contain: possible text that says 'MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS FACT #15 TREMORS: No, we don't have Parkinson's Disease... although it does look similar. Our hands, head, and sometimes whole body, can go through bouts of uncontrollable shaking and we can't make it stop. We would make a good breakfast chef if anyone's hiring. When it comes to cooking scrambled eggs we could whisk those eggs to pure fluffiness. POSITIVE LIVINGwit wilh'

Several years ago a co-worker commented during a friendly lunch hour break that he recently felt like a person with MS when he was overcome with tremors. My condition was not widely publicized at that time and he innocently knew nothing about my MS.

That was actually okay because I didn't know that I was supposed to experience these tremors I only associated with old age.

Another co-worker dining with us later told him that I have MS. He felt horrible about his insensitive reference. I wasn't offended and it was never discussed again.

That is the moment I realized that for the rest of my life I would be treated differently by folks who were aware of my disease.

The tremors didn't begin until recently, nearly twenty years after my diagnosis. I was already somewhat of a clutz, so an additional shake or two doesn't bother me; it just adds to the pre-existing aura of drunkness I carry everywhere. No biggie... Not being an extremely social person, the opinion of others matters little to me. I just don't like dropping things all the time.

Just like I dropped the ball and didn't post yesterday. Sorry. I am currently finishing the second round of editing The Praise Petals, my latest YA novel about seen high school girls of differing walks of life who are corralled together in a church praise team. Challenged with accepting one another's character flaws, the girls work toward finding goodness in one another and discovering the mercy of God.

If you are interested in reading a few chapters of The Praise Petals, I am anxious for your honest opinion. Please contact me at for a sneak peek. I will immediately forward the first few chapters your way. Thanks in advance!

My personal salve when life gets hairy is to write, so that is my therapy during these unsettling times. I write, when I'm not reading. The soothing effects of the written word calm my inner tremors. 

What are you doing to calm the tremors that invade your life?

Stay strong and have a great day!


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