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Procrastination: The Sequel

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Believe it or not, the older we get the more confusing life can be. One would think all the kinks would be all worked out by now. (I passed the 60-mark last week.)

While I don't like putting things off, I have also learned not to rush the good stuff. This in itself is enough to keep the mind reeling. My mother has always preached not to jump into a situation without adequate and honest contemplation. Good advice. Unfortunately, my mother also has a habit of putting things off until it's too late to act upon the inclination. For as long as I can remember regret has been inserted into at least one daily statement from her sweet lips.  I "shoulda", "woulda", "coulda" persistently pre-empts at least one conversation a day. When questioned she always has a(n) (excuse) reason. 

I used to mirror her in many ways, but since my diagnosis in 2001, my attitude has changed drastically. I no longer "waste" time contemplating little decisions. I know now that I must act in a timely fashion, just in case today I draw my last breath. At the age of 60, I told myself it was time to poop or get off the pot. After penning five books, I took a good long look at my "hobby" and realized that my childhood dream of being a professional writer was not totally out of the question...if I had the guts to make it a reality. 

That means I need a plan; and not a plan to have a plan. I needed a steadfast strategy. That's when I decided to treat every month like it is NaNoWriMo. 

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about...NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. Every November writers from around the world participate in writing 50,000 words in thirty days. It's a crazy, wild, disorganized mess of random thoughts, grammatically incorrect, poorly formatted mish-mash that eventually evolves into the next Great American Novel. It's a blast and I look forward to November like I once anticipated  Christmas.

 I thought if I commit myself to such a feat every year, why can I not attempt the same every month? Or at least every eight weeks? Why put it off until November? Just like anything else, the more we perform an activity, the better we get. Right? At least the momentum improves.

So far, I have managed to complete two novels to round out a hopeful YA Christian series, as well as actively entertain my next common sense guide to living with MS. I hired a professional editor (THAT was a big step.) and just received a workup for the submitted text. In the past, I never would have considered putting my writing out there for professional criticism. Now I will gladly pay someone in the business for honest and constructive commentary on my work. How else will my future as a successful author be birthed? I cannot put it off any longer. Life is too short. Opportunities are too few. Without the risk, there is no advancement of dreams.

So, that is why I procrastinate no longer. That is also why hI a glad to be able to continue this theme from last week when I so rudely left you hanging. We don't know when our last earthly breath will occur. Make the most of every moment. 

I'm not putting it off any longer. I'm going for it.

Do you need this related to multiple sclerosis? Let me share a real-life example:

Check out Melissa Workman-Egnor's story on Facebook. This beautiful individual got down and dirty to raise funds to travel to Russia for stem cell therapy to combat the MonSter. Her followers shadowed her journey and still keeps an eye on Melissa's progress. This is a heartbreaking tale of one MS Warrior's avoidance of procrastination. With a Go Fund Me page and a wealth of prayers, Melissa forges ahead. You don't want to miss her journey.

In a nutshell, putting off 'til tomorrow what you can do today is NOT a good life plan. 

Stop procrastinating and do something for yourself today. It doesn't need to be HUGE and you shouldn't consider it as a selfish act. Take the time to put yourself first, if only for a brief time. You are worth it.

Until tomorrow,

Happy MS Awareness Week!


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