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On Saturday, West Virginia governor Jim Justice announced that our state is officially on a "stay at home" status. I'm glad. His words make this as real as it going to get. 

Today half the counties in the state have reported at least one case of covid19., with my home county of Marion included.

I have never understood the lack of common sense in our society. The reality of American citizens worried about missing a nail appointment blows my mind. THAT is the mindset of our overly indulged world.

I believe that being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis has opened my eyes to such ridiculous behavior. So what if your hair needs a trim or you're missing happy hour at the local watering hole. It's sad and a bit disappointing but means nothing in the big scheme of things.

Just in case you haven’t heard, washing your hands is a good idea. Like — a really good idea....
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This crisis will pass. It is a temporary disaster. The human race will bounce back. For now, we need to buckle down and follow the request of our local decision-makers. The quarantine period is only two to three weeks, not a lifetime.

Having lived with the MonSter for nearly two decades, I have had to learn a new normal that often presents disappointments, challenges, and inconveniences. Guess what? This is my forever normal. It is not temporary. There is no quarantine period. In two to three weeks, MS will still be my life.

I'm not trying to downplay the urgency of covid 19. This is downright scary. 

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay positive. Stay well.


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Have a wonderful weekend,

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