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Pluck Yew, MS!

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As she puts up a HUGE fight against the MonSter, we send positive energy to Melissa Workman Egnor. Prayers sent from Almost Heaven, West Virginia. 

Pluck Yew, MS!

As you know, I was originally approved for HSCT in Russia after several pre-referral tests. Then after my stem cells were mobilized and harvested, I complained of shortness of breath. The results of a CT Scan stopped everything. Chemotherapy was determined to be too dangerous at this point in the process. We are climbing through the metaphorical rubble. We have not given up due to a blast in the road. Once I see my US cardiologist for treatment then I will continue the HSCT process, God willing. This issue was a surprise to all of us. I am a shell of a human at the moment, which I hear is normal after this stage in the treatment. Thank you for your prayers.


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CBD and MS

We warriors are a resilient breed. After speaking extensively with a CBD enthusiast over the weekend, i finally bit the bullet and bought the "good" stuff...all in the name of research. Things have changed a bit since my first CBD experience, including the flavor. This particular product comes in natural (an earthy flavor), peppermint (self-explanatory), and cinnamon (Yum!).Because particular brand (Hempworx) has ONLY two ingredients : CDB and hemp seed oil.  

I decided to document my experience here, so if any of you are interested we can discuss our personal journeys. As you all know, MS is an expensive condition that requires careful thought to additional treatments and related expenditures, most of which are not recognized by insurance companies and/or medical professionals; so, every experience is a financial gamble.

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L 300

Good Monday!

Big do-in's last week in my MS World.

After wearing myself out with my petty pink leg, I finally got brave and called Hanger Clinic to inquire about the L300 Walk Aid.

Several years go I was fitted for an older version but when insurance did not recognize the device as a necessary medical item, my  hopes were dashed and I gave up.

On a whim I renewed my interest to discover a newer model called the L300. Where the original device required a shoe insert AND a leg cuff, the L300 is just a cuff. So, of course I figured this would be even MORE expensive. But, I made an aoppointment any way.

The certificated orthopedist clinic owner encouraged me to contact my insurance to inquire again. Guess what? With the medical code he gave me as well as a letter of authorization, insurance will pay 80%! It is still a bit pricey but I think I can wing this!

I just hope this is the route for me. With the assistance of Walk Aid, I can wear regular shoes or even go bare foot!  I know it will r…

There is no GPS for MS

I have always been a rather trusting person. I believe that when someone tells me they are going  to do something in particular, I believe them. Until they renege on their promise; and then  they no long exist to me.I don't mean I hate or thwart them. That person just no longer holds my interest.

The same with 21st century technology. In today's advanced world of communication, it is imperative that we place our  trust in helpful devices like microwaves, electric garage door openers, and this wonderful invention called GPS (Global Positioning System/ Satellite). What a marvelous thing to be able to type in an address and be taken there, step-by-step. We will never be lost again!


If you are frequent reader of Lady with the Cane, you know that my son is starting university this fall. A lover of all things academic, I KNOW I am more excited than he, so while he is off doing summer things Mom is reliving her glory days with visits to his soon-to-be new home and reacquainting h…