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MS is NOT contagious

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Public Service Announcement Multiple Sclerosis is NOT contagious and is not caused by anything WE did. Stop blaming us for our symptoms please, it's hurtful and makes us feel unnecessarily guilty!'

With the current state of health issues across the globe, it is easy to forget the positive issues of MS.


No, I haven't lost my mind. My momma has always reminded me that there is truly a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. 

I'm not saying to be grateful for having MS.  No, I won't go that far in my plea to be positive. THAT would be crazy, right?

Well, with this bigger-then-crazy Coronavirus currently ruling our lives, multiple sclerosis is almost being shoved to the side...unless you happen to be a Warrior yourself. 

MS Warriors face so many uncertainties already, we don't need another reason to stress over our situation. Stress is a big influencer for our already weakened immune system. We don't need one more reason to worry, but here it is. 

The biggest difference I see between the two conditions is that MS is a pre-destined disease and corona is not. MS is NOT contagious; COVID19 IS. We cannot necessarily control exposure to the disease, but we CAN do our best to guard against it.

This morning on the national news, I learned a few things about protecting myself from what my husband refers to as the Corona Beer Disease (there is humor in everything...not sorry):

*When spraying disinfectant on surfaces, do not wipe it away. Allow the cleaner to air dry. The same is true with disinfectant wipes.

*Wash your hands after handling money. 

*Keep a three-foot space between you and other people. (That is evidently the only basketball reference the public is going to get during March Madness 2020.)

*Do not wear your outside shoes inside. 

*After being in public, it's s a good idea to remove your clothes to wash immediately when you return home.

*Since the bathroom is famous for its germs, keep it wiped down at all times, paying particular attention to handles and knobs. 

Basically, keep your hands clean, stay out of crowds, and NO HUGS. Invent your own physical greeting, whether it's an elbow bump or toe tap, don't allow Coronavirus to isolate you from others. MS does enough of that.

Common Sense needs to be used at all times. If CS isn't in your repertoire use this time of quarantine to study the art of THINKING before acting.

With that said, I need to get ready to go out in the world for the afternoon. As with many(most) university campuses, my son's school is closing indefinitely until further notice. This means he must evacuate his dorm by Friday. Fortunately, his Thursday classes are canceled, so, armed with disinfection and hand sanitizer, I'm headed North to retrieve my boy.

Stay safe. Be smart.


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