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                                                                                                                                                   I calmed my inner fears this morning when I realized that my depleted yarn supply could easily be enhanced with online orders from...Oh, no, Amazon workers are preparing for  STRIKE. This a serious dilemma, folks. The project I'm working at the moment requires specialized yarn. I need six skeins. I have one. If delivery trucks are not delivering, my hands might be idle for a while and we all know what comes of  idle  hands. BORED? BUY YARN.                                                                                                HOLD THE PHONE! Did you know Hobby Lobby is also an online store?!   You probably did, being the savvy shopper you are. I did not. Now I am a happy knitter. My hands will be idle no more. Hobby Lobby CEO David Green is refusing to close stores during the COV

Bored? Let me help you.

I think she's my new hero.                                                                                           BORED? BUY SHOES. With President extending the stay-at-home request for our nation, I have decided to extend my personal MS Awareness campaign. Actually, I really didn't need an excuse since my MS isn't going anywhere.  While I have been adjusting to my new reality since 2001, COVID19 presents an entirely new chapter to the journey of many MS Warriors.  We are already self- isolation professionals. That, of course, doesn't make us immune to the horrors of this global pandemic; but it does raise alarms on credit card bills. (Didn't expect that turn of events, did ya?) If you follow me at all, you're privy to my ongoing quest to find acceptable shoe wear to accommodate my AFO. You know of my ever-growing Converse All-Star collection and the issues with weather-related challenges they face. You're also

private concert

                                                                          Just a little something to take your mind off all the negative in the world right now. Get up and dance! Don't forget to MOVE   during this time of global disaster.  You're welcome, Lisa

positive thoughts

On Saturday, West Virginia governor Jim Justice announced that our state is officially on a "stay at home" status. I'm glad. His words make this as real as it going to get.  Today half the counties in the state have reported at least one case of covid19., with my home county of Marion included. I have never understood the lack of common sense in our society. The reality of American citizens worried about missing a nail appointment blows my mind. THAT is the mindset of our overly indulged world. I believe that being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis has opened my eyes to such ridiculous behavior. So what if your hair needs a trim or you're missing happy hour at the local watering hole. It's sad and a bit disappointing but means nothing in the big scheme of things. Just in case you haven’t heard, washing your hands is a good idea. Like — a really good idea. ...                                            

We didn't have a clue.

Take care of yourself this weekend! Lisa, the lady with the cane Order directly from me for MSAwaremess Month discount and MS bling. I even pay postage. Now, THAT'S a bargain. lisaannettem

Tremors and MS

Several years ago a co-worker commented during a friendly lunch hour break that he recently felt like a person with MS when he was overcome with tremors. My condition was not widely publicized at that time and he innocently knew nothing about my MS. That was actually okay because I didn't know that I was supposed to experience these tremors I only associated with old age. Another co-worker dining with us later told him that I have MS. He felt horrible about his insensitive reference. I wasn't offended and it was never discussed again. That is the moment I realized that for the rest of my life I would be treated differently by folks who were aware of my disease. The tremors didn't begin until recently, nearly twenty years after my diagnosis. I was already somewhat of a clutz, so an additional shake or two doesn't bother me; it just adds to the pre-existing aura of drunkness I carry everywhere. No biggie... Not being an extremely social person, the opinion of


Sometimes we just need to use someone else's words. Pandemics and Other MS Problems by  stumbling in flats Y ou've all seen the news. If you're anything like me, you've been glued to it, waiting for specific advice for those of us who live with compromised immune systems. And just like me, you're probably disappointed. Instead, thankfully, we have our own trusted sources to rely upon during this incredibly confusing time - MS Trust, MS Society and many others have been quick to keep us updated. If you are finding it difficult to get out and buy food, please don't panic. If you can, ask friends and family and if not, there has been an amazing lift in community measures to make sure no one is left behind - look into the NextDoor app and your local Facebook pages. In the midst of all the terrible news, there are, at this moment, three good things to take away: First, when this is over, and you ask your Boss if you can work from home, they'

Exercise and MS

                                              Last month I graduated from the Week MS Fitness Challenge which has encouraged me to remember to exercise at least a few minutes every day.  This video introduces you to my instructor, Jeff. I'm sharing this with you because I sincerely believe in the positive benefits of exercise. Jeff encourages MS Warriors to keep moving. There is no magical sequence or disease altering routine, the end results are worth the effort.  During the challenge, participants kept track of daily progression. At the conclusion of the eight weeks, I was amazed at the changes in my body AND in my attitude.  Exercise is GOOD. It doesn't need to be sweat provoking nor do you need to perform the same movements every day. It is advised that the routine is practiced two to three times a day. Use your inner advisor as to how far you take the exertion, keeping in mind that the exercise should not hurt. As long as the muscles are fatigued, positive resu

MS is NOT contagious

With the current state of health issues across the globe, it is easy to forget the positive issues of MS.                                                             WHAT??????? No, I haven't lost my mind. My momma has always reminded me that there is truly a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.  I'm not saying to be grateful for having MS.  No, I won't go that far in my plea to be positive. THAT would be crazy, right? Well, with this bigger-then-crazy Coronavirus currently ruling our lives, multiple sclerosis is almost being shoved to the side... unless you happen to be a Warrior yourself.  MS Warriors face so many uncertainties already, we don't need another reason to stress over our situation. Stress  is a big influencer for our already weakened immune system. We don't need one more reason to worry, but here it is.  The biggest difference I see between the two conditions is that MS is a pre-destined disease and corona is not. MS is NOT c

Comfortably Numb

To the average person, a little bit of numbness doesn't sound too awful. At least there is no pain if the tactile sensation is missing. Right?  Right? Hello? Hello? Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me Is there anyone at home? Come on now I hear you're feeling down Well I can ease your pain Get you on your feet again Relax I'll need some information first Just the basic facts Can you show me where it hurts? When we don't feel the pain, we should probably be happy. That means there are no active lesions; the MonSter is napping and our bodies are getting a well-deserved break. Right? Right? There is no pain you are receding A distant ship smoke on the horizon You are only coming through in waves Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying When I was a child I had a fever My hands felt just like two balloons Now I've got that feeling once again I can't explain you would not

Pluck Yew, MS!

As she puts up a HUGE fight against the MonSter, we send positive energy to Melissa Workman Egnor. Prayers sent from Almost Heaven, West Virginia.  Pluck Yew, MS! Melissa Workman-Egnor  is in  Moscow, Russia . 24 mins  ·  As you know, I was originally approved for HSCT in Russia after several pre-referral tests. Then after my stem cells were mobilized and harvested, I complained of shortness of breath. The results of a CT Scan stopped everything. Chemotherapy was determined to be too dangerous at this point in the process. We are climbing through the metaphorical rubble. We have not given up due to a blast in the road. Once I see my US cardiologist for treatment then I will continue the HSCT process, God willing. This issue was a surprise to all of us. I am a shell of a human at the moment, which I hear is normal after this stage in the treatment. Thank you for your prayers.

Procrastination: The Sequel

#ThisIsMS  Explore powerful stories Believe it or not, the older we get the more confusing life can be. One would think all the kinks would be all worked out by now. (I passed the 60-mark last week.) While I don't like putting things off, I have also learned not to rush the good stuff. This in itself is enough to keep the mind reeling. My mother has always preached not to jump into a situation without adequate and honest contemplation. Good advice. Unfortunately, my mother also has a habit of putting things off until it's too late to act upon the inclination. For as long as I can remember regret has been inserted into at least one daily statement from her sweet lips.  I "shoulda", "woulda", "coulda" persistently pre-empts at least one conversation a day. When questioned she alway