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Hodge Podge of MS info

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...Warriors are their own physician. So,Warrior, heal thyself!

Ten days since I mailed in my request appeal for coverage in acquiring L300 GO. Nine days since starting my latest journey with CBD oil. Since then I have received confirmation that my appeal is being reviewed AND I have upped my daily oil dosage from 3 drops to 5. The biggest change I've observed is that I'm in a much better mood, so maybe Zoloft will be the first med I can eliminate from my personal pharmacy. Will keep ya posted.

Thinking positive about both ventures, but content with the outcome no matter what. I am NOT in control of my destiny and the man upstairs knows my needs, so it rests in His hands; but, I've got a brain and as long as that brain is functioning I'll continue to search for relief. And that's okay. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue fighting the MonSter by whatever means I am given.
 In fact I'm already checking out my next chapter in fighting this 

With my physical abilities in a current detrimental phase, the search for more support is vital. 

Check out this latest offering from MSAA. It's awesome...and a no-brainer for all of you exercise enthusiasts. Even if you are not enthusiastic about physical exertion, it's an essential part of our daily MS routine and these folks are willing to help you out.

Equipment Products

Equipment Distribution Program

Individuals with MS can experience difficulty with balance, coordination, fine motor skills, and mobility. The MSAA Equipment Distribution Program offers products designed to improve safety, mobility, activities of daily living; along with exercise/wellness opportunities. MSAA provides these products at no charge to individuals with MS who qualify for assistance.
Items distributed through the program range from grab bars, shower chairs, and walkers to wide-grip utensil sets and yoga mats. If you have questions, please call MSAA at (800) 532-7667 or email

Exercise not your thing? Why don't you join this little MSAA activity?

In fact, just do both. 

 MSAA is only asking for a word or two in the challenge at the above site. This month being National Novel Writing Month, I am fully engrossed in achieving my 50,000 words by the end of the month. Two of my five books are a result of NaNoWriMo. This year my project is to finish the next installment in the Church of Go young adult series that began with Bombs Bursting in Air.

Have a good week!
Lisa. the Lady with the Cane...and the walker...and the AFO

                                                      Bombs Bursting In Air by [McCombs, Lisa]
In fact, I'm looking for a cover illustrator if anyone out there is interested. The working title is The Praise Petals. Contact me here or at

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FDA Approves Oral Vumerity™ (Diroximel Fumarate), Similar to Tecfidera®, for Relapsing MS

October 30, 2019,?feed=AllNationalNews



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