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Foot Drop treatments

Through an adaptive, learning algorithm, the L300 Go detects gait events, providing stimulation precisely when needed making it easier for users to clear their foot at different walking speeds, on stairs, ramps, and while navigating uneven terrain.

Doesn't this sound wonderful?


As you know if you read this blog regularly, a second request for further review of the L300 GO was denied. My immediate reaction was disappointment, followed by anger, ending in resolve to create the BEST letter of appeal possible. In my mind there has to be a way to reach out to the powers that be and  convince them that this treatment is relevant.

Or, is it?

After a week of sharing my news and collecting suggestions, I decided to come to you for more information. Is there anyone out there who has worked with this electric muscle stimulation and found it worth while? Evidently thee is not enough clinical evidence to support the success of such therapy as treatment for drop foot in multiple sclerosis. In fact, some physical therapists as well as various other medical professionals have never heard of this multi-million dollar contraption. How can that be?

I would think that any prescriptive or advertised plan of  treatment would be in the medical guide of suggestions.

The day I "test-drove" the L300, I felt hope. My foot literally rose to the occasion and my walking gait improved so much that I just knew this was the answer to my impaired mobility. Recently a different health concern has pushed my goal to acquire this product to the side. I still believe that "shocking" my drop foot into action is a viable plan; the monetary cost is too great. So, my drive to "fight the system" is up for further review.

If you have personal experience with any of the Bioness muscle stimulators, please share your experience. The insurance company is not interested in personal testimonies, but, as an average "on a strict budget" individual I am in need of your story. 

Please take a minute and respond to this request.

Or...if you have any other suggestions for dealing with a drop foot, I would greatly appreciate it. I have an AFO and it is effective, but finding a wearable/affordable pair of shoes is impossible. Maybe there is a different type of AFO out there I don't know about. 

Any and all suggestions are welcome!

I recently read a testimony from an MS Warrior who, through extensive stretching and exercise, has pretty much thrown her cane to the curb. Though inspiring, my daily exercise has not rewarded such success. Additional assistance is needed, so please share all.

Anxiously awaiting your response,



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