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Monday, Monday...

No photo description available.Ya want to know what MS looks like? Well, here ya go.

My head ache began Saturday afternoon (that's  two days ago, it you are reading this post publication) and it's not only still hanging around, it's worse. The sledge hammer imprint makes wonder if I walked into a wall and don't remember. The area around my left eye is actually tender and my vision is blurred.

Ibuprofen doesn't help. A warm cloth doesn't help. Meditation doesn't help. And my cat's constant yammering doesn't help.

So, not only does MS look like a frayed wire,  it feels like one also.

I won't let it get me down, though. I can't. I will slap some duct tape on it and forge ahead. 

                                                                                            Duct Tape, Silver - ULINE - 2" x 60 yds - 4 Rolls

Isn't that what we Warriors do?

So, no, I may not look sick (You've heard that before, right?), but that wire definitely isn't healthy. Unfortunately where the wire can be fixed, replaced, or discarded, the MonSter in me cannot. 

So, give me another high priced band aid (Gilenya, Copaxone, Tecfedera...whatever your dmd) and send me out into the dark world of reality. Because the day happens whether you feel like participating or not. 

Happy Monday,
Lisa, the Lady with the Cane


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