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L 300

Good Monday! Big do-in's last week in my MS World. After wearing myself out with my petty pink leg, I finally got brave and called Hanger Clinic to inquire about the L300 Walk Aid. Several years go I was fitted for an older version but when insurance did not recognize the device as a necessary medical item, my  hopes were dashed and I gave up. On a whim I renewed my interest to discover a newer model called the L300. Where the original device required a shoe insert AND a leg cuff, the L300 is just a cuff. So, of course I figured this would be even MORE expensive. But, I made an aoppointment any way. The certificated orthopedist clinic owner encouraged me to contact my insurance to inquire again. Guess what? With the medical code he gave me as well as a letter of authorization, insurance will pay 80%! It is still a bit pricey but I think I can wing this! I just hope this is the route for me. With the assistance of Walk Aid,    I can wear regular shoes or even go bare f


Do you tell lies? Are you a liar? Have you ever lied about how you are feeling? Lied about the reason you rarely go any where? Lied about the fresh scar on your knee or forehead? A new bruise on your arm?  Not told the truth about your lack of participation in social events?  Maybe fibbed about why you dropped out of book club or don't care to serve on a special board or gathering?  Cut yourself off from friends, family, even strangers because you feared how the MonSter would behave in a particular situation? Stopped going to yoga or the pool because you refused to be subject to (possible/probable) ridicule or unwanted comments or questions concerning your method of participation?  (You KNOW  that is NOT where your hands are supposed to be, but that's the only way they work today!) Raise your hand if you have never told a lie about your MS. anxious pause tick tock polite cough in the back row looks of shame outright panic That's what I thought.

This is how I feel

Why do we pre tend so much? Is it pride? Is it because it' easier to project a more "normal" existence than to bow to the demands  of this ridiculous disease?  Or do we live in a contestant cloud of denial? If I ignore it long enough it will go away? For several weeks now I have been experiencing a weird, weird, weirder than weird symptom of spasticity (I must have invented that word, 'cause every time I type it, I am reminded to correct it. Oh, well...)or cramping or whatever in my right foot. Th toe right beside the big one keeps curling under until it has begun to control the entire right side of my body. Whatever that toe wants, it gets.  There are times when it feels that I am actually walking on the wrong side of said appendage. I am beginning to believe that this is mostly due to the use of my AFO. It never happened until I insisted on wearing that pretty pink leg every day, all day.  (Of course that is NOT the shoe I wear with it. If you wa

AFO advice

A shout out to all AFO wearers: Summer is in full swing. It's HOT outside. I really can't "play " outside without my pink leg and vaca is coming up. Which means: croquet tournies, fishing, corn hole, four-wheeler rides... heat exhaustion... I currently wear a white compression knee sock under my AFO, but it gets rather warm and uncomfortable. But, I need to separate my skin from the unforgiving plastic.  Are there any other easy alternatives out there? Talk to me. Stay cool,  Lisa