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This is how I feel

Why do we pretend so much? Is it pride? Is it because it' easier to project a more "normal" existence than to bow to the demands of this ridiculous disease? 

Or do we live in a contestant cloud of denial? If I ignore it long enough it will go away?

For several weeks now I have been experiencing a weird, weird, weirder than weird symptom of spasticity (I must have invented that word, 'cause every time I type it, I am reminded to correct it. Oh, well...)or cramping or whatever in my right foot. Th toe right beside the big one keeps curling under until it has begun to control the entire right side of my body. Whatever that toe wants, it gets. 

There are times when it feels that I am actually walking on the wrong side of said appendage. I am beginning to believe that this is mostly due to the use of my AFO. It never happened until I insisted on wearing that pretty pink leg
every day, all day.  (Of course that is NOT the shoe I wear with it. If you want to talk shoes and AFO…

AFO advice

A shout out to all AFO wearers:

Summer is in full swing. It's HOT outside. I really can't "play " outside without my pink leg and vaca is coming up. Which means: croquet tournies, fishing, corn hole, four-wheeler rides... heat exhaustion...

I currently wear a white compression knee sock under my AFO, but it gets rather warm and uncomfortable. But, I need to separate my skin from the unforgiving plastic. 

Are there any other easy alternatives out there?

Talk to me.

Stay cool,