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Happy May!

       Happy May 2019

I have kept a journal all my life, probably since I could grasp a writing utensil. I have chronicled favorites, disappointments, personal goals and resolutions, vacations, major life events, books read, movies name it. When I discovered I was pregnant eighteen years ago, I started a journal for my child. I wrote to her/him every day with important medical facts connected to pregnancy, doctor visits, and news worthy events of the day. My first ultrasound photo is tucked within the pages of an early  journal. A formula bottle label and the hospital baby bracelet is scotch  taped to a page. 

As the years have progressed my child's collections of Mommy journals have grown to an entire shelf above my desk. Lists of accomplishments (his and mine) have replaced new born and toddler announcements. I have tried to highlight everything that he may forget or not remember as a landmark or important moment.

Unfortunately the older he gets, the less I tend to write and sometimes realize too late that I missed something crucial or interesting. I have tried to offer advice and life lessons and naively hope he will read my words some day.

Drop back several decades... My family moved around a bit when I was growing up, but when we landed hundreds of miles north of our southern West Virginia roots, I made an instant friend when the girl in thew back row flew a paper airplane at me in sixth grade and gesticulated that I must unfold the paper creases to read a message, which read:

Will you be my friend? Check yes___ or no___.

At the top of the page she had drawn a crazy looking daisy beside the date Happy April 1.

Being April Fool's Day, I assumed this was an obvious attack on the new kid, but I was desperate to fit in so I of course checked "yes". I wasn't a joke and we have remained on again off again friends over the years. So began a life long friendship as well as the opening of every journal entry to my son. What ever the month, I begin the first day with a crudely drawn daisy and a Happy (insert month) 1st!

I am so glad I have that memory and I am very happy to pass a little bit of my young years on to my son.

In 24 days my son will graduate from high school with high honors. It's been a long, long year full of illness, social pressure, academic turmoil and periods of teen angst. He hasn't really enjoyed his senior year. This makes me very sad for him, but so far his future looks relatively bright. He has been accepted to the West Virginia University School of Engineering and Computer Science with a special invitation to join the university honor school and reside in Honors Hall. The school is only about a thirty minutes drive from home and he already has 18 hours of college credit under his belt. It looks like scholarship monies will foot the majority of his school expensive, leaving him possibly debt free.

When I was diagnosed with MS eighteen years ago, I prayed that I would live to see my son graduate/ Well, if I can hang in there 24 more days, I will gifted with the first of what I hoe will be at least two ceremonies in cap and gown.

I'm uncertain when I will pass these journals on to him, but I AM certain that I will continue writing to him as long as I have the strength to hold that pen or tap this keyboard. MS be damned.
The MonSter will not take that away from me.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful May.

Lisa,The Lady with the Cane


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