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I'm back just in time for my MS Walk

Hello, hello, hello!!!!! I'm back! It has been a very long week without my computer. Yes, I know, anti-techie me, I really said that. I never realized how much I depended on my pooter until I didn't have it any more. I was unable to review books on Readers Favorite.  I couldn't address emails properly. I couldn't write this blog and I really, really missed that. I couldn't play my Facebook games or look up ridiculous trivia for which I only care. I DID knit a lot, though; which means I binge watched a lot of Netflix (Have you seen The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?); which means I snacked a lot; which means my jeans no longer fit comfortably... Oh, well, it is what it is... Isn't it interesting how all the elements of our daily life often fall into these unplanned yet strategically organized patterns? :Some good. Some not so good. Well, I find that is exactly how it is with multiple sclerosis. MS is NOT predictable even when we try to for

Apologies: Computer crash

So sorry. Lady with the Cane will be down for a few days. My computer suffered an unexpected demise. I will be on an unexpected hiatus until an affordable replacement can be acquired. Good luck on any up coming MS walks! 

Help yourself to be a better YOU

                                         It has been a rough eight months and it's effects are very telling on my poor MS body. Since the beginning of the school year, nothing seems to have fallen into place for my son's senior year. He started it off by having his wisdom teeth extracted and subsequently spending a week at home recovering. Next came a sinus infection that left him drained. He had Mono last year and the immune system is still trying to catch up. By now it is the end of October and we're counting down the days until Thanksgiving break and BANG! The unbelievable happens. Miller Fisher Syndrome ( a rare form of  Guillain - BarrĂ© syndromeĂ©-Syndrome-Fact-Sheet ) attacks out of no where and school takes a back seat for TWO MONTHS. We spent a week in hospital undergoing many ridiculously painful tests and procedures before returning home for him to be home schooled until the New Year. In between al