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Sometimes life just gets in the way.

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I am not a person who admires excuses. If something is really important to you there is no excuse good enough to dismiss your goals. You may need to make allowances or play with your schedule, but the end result should be completion of the mission.

I didn't always think that way; And for the most part, I still put the needs of others before mine. I have learned that there is nothing evil about compromises as long as some common sense is thrown into the mix. So this week I have had to compromise, reschedule, and mentally realign my plans. 


Simply put, I am the mother of a teenage boy. If you need further explanation, you are obviously NOT the other of a teenager.

Not making excuses, but...
This has been a horrible year for my teenager. His senior year in high school should have been one of the most memorable years of his life.

Well, it has been; just not in the way I had hoped.

September met him with a week long home stay in response to having all four wisdom teeth extracted.

November and December sent him to hospital to be treated for , of all things, Miller Fisher Syndrome. His recuperation continues.

February brought a sinus infection.

March is here and allergies are stalking him to the point of another respiratory infection. He is home right now to complete a week at home with his air purifier,  suitcase of meds, and plenty of fluids.

I hate this for him.

He has to get better, though, because he has a BIG day ahead of him. Next Wednesday he is getting on a plane (his first ever) and flying across the country on a school trip. We have saved for two years for this awesome experience and he is psyched. As a combination school "field trip"/early graduation gift, this is going to happen whether his head is in the game or not. We want his head to definitely be in the game in the plane.

Although he is glad to stay home (most kids would be), he knows he needs to be in school. I am not going to freak out about it, though. Straight A student, National Merit semi-finalist, National Honor Society member, computer genius...I just want him to be well, both physically and mentally. I'm sorry life has gotten in his way so much this year.

Unfortunately, when life gets in his way it effects everyone around him. He has a project partner at school awaiting his return so they can complete their assignment. There are lunch time study sessions for a HUGE test  in May that are going on without him. All things graduation are happening without our input or knowledge. Just because life got in the way.

And, then, there's me having out in the background with the leading role of MOM and the MonSter. Every time my PE starts welding positive progress I have to take a step backward to be Mom. Needless to say, the MonSter is enjoying this awful week. The stress, silent thou it may be, has just about kicked my butt. 

(Hey, Rebecca, I promise I will be back next week. Oh, I have been doing my exercises everyday. Sometimes not all at once, but they are spread throughout the day.)

MS does not give us a day off even when, especially when, life gets in our way. It is difficult to balance our needs with the needs of others who depend upon us. I know my son is aware of my limitations, but i do my best not to constantly remind him of them. The MonSter is my demon, not his. But, sometimes my life just gets in his (and everyone else's) way far too often. I try to keep my personal MonSter tucked neatly in the closet. Sometimes it has to come out for air, though. I make allowances (not excuses) for it. 

Maybe that means we don't eat as well as we should when pizza and fast food is so much easier. Maybe my Monday cleaning day gets moved around and things are not as tidy as I would like. Maybe binge watching Netflix becomes my task at hand. Maybe my son misses a few (more) days of school. It will all work out. 

So, while my goal to write a blog EVERY DAY in March has taken a fall, the stumble isn't too high off the ledge. I've been dealing with life this week. That's what we all need to do. Deal...

On another note...What did you think about Wednesday's interview with Stumbling in Flats author Barbara Stensland? Isn't she awesome? Check out her blog at You'll be glad you did.

We will be hearing from another fantastic Warrior soon. Jennifer, a recent acquaintance, has agreed to give us her story. Don'to miss it.

Well, it's Friday, and I have another engagement and opportunity to share my book tomorrow.

 If you are in the area, I will be at Craft Connection in Fairmont, WV, 11-2. I hope to see you there. Dana has beautiful hand crafted items, unique jewelry, and it is just a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you, Dana, ahead of time. I look forward to spreading awareness tomorrow.

Lisa, The Lady with the Cane


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