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Life is Good

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We are midway through the first week of MS Awareness Month. Let's make a deal. I told my physical therapist yesterday that i really want a Fit Bit so that I can track my walking progress...that is, when I am "fit" enough to have enough steps to track. I'm not there yet. She suggested that I designate my "finish line" as the day I am released from PT. THEN I can acquire my Fit Bit, or whatever brand of fitness tracker I select. (There are SO many!)

I really like having a goal, a purpose, a reason to celebrate; so , that sounds like a plan to me.

My challenge to you: Set a goal for your self this month. 

* Read a book about multiple sclerosis. (How are you doing with the two books I suggested last month?)
* Loose a pound or two.
* Walk a set number of steps a day.
* Clean out that closet and discard a few unnecessary items. (Have you tried the Kon Method?)
*Stop eating bread for the month,
* Drink eight documented glasses of water a day.
*Keep an MS journal and record your symptoms every day for the rest of the month.
*Adhere to an exercise regime and keep it for the rest of the month. (Are you familiar with Body Groove? It is a fantastic way to get moving!)
*LAUGH every day.

As I said before, I like having a goal. My goal today is to bowl three 100(+) games. So, I had better get ready to hit the alley.

Have a wonderful day.
 Life is good,


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