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Full Squats

This is week  I suffered my first ever panic attack. Uncontrollable sobbing, shortness of breath, nausea, shaking hands...

As someone who is normally calm in the face of crisis  (I fall apart after the event), this was about the most horrible thing I've ever experienced.  I do NOT want to ever go through this again.

I have friends who refuse to drive on the interstate, go over a bridge, or even attend functions that include strangers. A change of plans unnerves them to the point of absolute immobility. Though  their  discomfort sparks sadness in me, I have never related to this infinity. My preferred route has always been to avoid uncomfortable situations while turning negatives into positives. Not this week.

Full out, freak-a-zoid...that be me.

While the actual "attack" spanned approximately half an hour (in real time), the residual emotional upheaval lasted many more. I suffered interrupted sleep for two nights, waking in the dark with the tremendous fear that all was not well.  My knees hit the ground in desperation multiple times before this overwhelming  assault began to dissipate. 

I know that God answers prayers and always has our personal issues under control We just need to trust Him. Yesterday I gave it up to Him  and, of course, it worked. 

Thank you,


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