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AFOs, socks, and summer tans

Chuck Taylor All Star Mary Jane Low Top Egret/Enamel Red/Black

So, Face Book was all screwy yesterday and I couldn't post Lady With the Cane there. So, I am a day behind; but in publishing, not in writing. I promise, I kept my promise to write EVERY DAY in March. 

If you happen to wear an AFO, you con relate to an issue weighing on my mind. Shoes.

Never have I considered myself to be girly-girly, but I DO like shoes. Before obtaining my AFO, I was aware of the effect certain shoes had on my walking gait. My Drop Foot is extremely particular and rarely allows me to wear the same shoe two days in a row. I learned early on that high heels were no longer acceptable, flip flops were a NO GO, and anything not snugly (but not too snug) would not stay on my right foot.

Enter my pink leg:

If I thought shoes were an issue before, my poor neglected shoe closet will attest to this new horror.

NONE of my foot wear works with this. Not even my house shoes fit.

I finally found and made a purchase. At the time women's sizes were not advertised, so I purchased a child's size. It worked but I could only tolerate it so long before needing to ditch the shoes and AFO. Walking was bad and driving impossible.

So, I set my pink leg up in the corner of the closet and concentrated on paying off the balance before resuming the search for the perfect AFO shoe.

That's when I saw it.

The prettiest little red sneaker ever.

On the front of  Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by [Hollis, Rachel] 

Since I had already committed to reading this book and sharing it on Lady With the Cane, I splurged and actually bought a pair.

Guess what? 
                  My pink leg fit right in there with a little tugging.

So, I got another pair when I announced that our second reading challenge for MS Awareness Month would be...

Stumbling In Flats by [Stensland, Barbara]

Best decision(s) I have made in a long, long time.

Unfortunately these shoes are not cheap. And to think that Converse were the only sneakers some folks could afford when I was in high school.

So, you can only imagine the look on my face when I discovered those sweet little Mary Janes at the top of this page. Will I own a pair? I've no idea. My family would probably prefer I spend my $ on groceries. That doesn't mean I'm marking the possibility off my wish list. 

The biggest problem I have with my chuck Taylor's is that they are not water proof. I've even accepted the fact that they are not the ideal dress-up shoe. With dress pants, they are fine.

Another issue, not with the shoes, but with the AFO is that it is important to wear a knee high sock under the AFO. That plastic is NOT comfey on bare skin.  Since knee socks are not the rage right now, it is difficult to find something suitable to buffer skin and plastic. But...

Guess what?

There is such a thing as socks for AFOs. these socks are affordable and kinda cute if you wear a child's size. For an adult AFO wearer, the price starts at about the same price as a pair of All Stars and can be as expensive as $80.00!

For a pair of SOCKS!


I picked up a pair of light weight, knee high compression socks at WalMart this morning and hope they will serve the purpose.

One thing is for summer tan is going to be interesting...

Well, any way..that's all I've got for today. Looking forward to an event-less weekend. 

Lisa, Lady with the Cane


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