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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month 2019

                                                          Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month 2019   It might be officially th e last day of MS Awareness Month, but I, like thousands of others, I am aware of it EV-ER-Y DAY. Just because our country promotes awareness during this particular month doesn't mean that all around the world various cultures and societies aren't drawing attention the MonSter. Author  Barbara Stensland   in the UK tells us that they recognize the week of April 22-28 as MS Awareness Week. (Missed her interview? See March 20 post.)    After contacting some folks in Ireland, I am led to believe that their fund raising remains publicity active year round. Good for them.                                            Want to know what's going on around the world with MS? It isn't that difficult to find out if you're not intimated by social media. Any leprechauns out there? Check out this group: http

Have a pint or two.

Although the final day of MS Awareness is hours away, MS never leaves. Help me help MS Awareness. See you later. Have a pint in honor of MS Awareness Month. Author Lisa McCombs will be present at 1PM and will read from her award winning book I Have MS. What's Your super Power? at 2PM. A percentage of book sales is donated to the National MS Society. Short Story, R ivesville , West Virginia.

The best MS Blogs

As we near the end of MS Awareness Month, I struggle to keep the tears at bay. For an individual living with MS, purpose is everything. My purpose is to keep moving, constantly encourage, and look for ways to improve my life and the life of other Warriors. I've come to love my little blog and the personal therapy it offers me in it's attempt to smooth over the absence of physical friendships. MS is a lonely disease. It is an expensive disease and it is not very friendly.  I am by no means a professional blogger and I know very little about anything computer related, so I doubt seriously that blogging will ever earn me an income; but, that is not my purpose.  I just want to share any and every little scrap of kindness I can. So...if you enjoy Lady with the Cane, I KNOW you will want to check out these awesome award winning MS Blogs. You're welcome, Lisa, The Lady with the Cane

I can walk!!!!

Yes, once again I am guilty of plagiarism. This is just too good not to share. Even though I am smart enough to know the truth of my latest findings, the actuality of my experiment is crazy exciting. End result:    I can walk!!!!!!! Study Finds Exposure to Organic Solvents, Smoking and MS Genes Interact to Increase Risk of Getting MS July 3, 2018 SUMMARY A study of more than 2,000 people with MS in Sweden suggests that people who had occupational exposure to organic solvents and certain MS susceptibility genes were much more likely to develop MS than those without MS genes. In addition, they found significant additive effects such that having MS genes along with exposure to solvents and cigarette smoking created a 30-fold increased risk of developing MS. ALERT!!!!!!!!!!  “Avoidance of cigarette smoke and unnecessary exposure to organic solvents, part

Are you ready to de-stress?

How I Got MS Into Remission And You Can Too! Triggers To MS I’ve been extremely lucky and even appreciate life more from having MS. That doesn’t mean I still don’t hate MS because I do! I even had a friend pass away from complications of MS (she wouldn’t try changing her diet). But that doesn’t have to be your course. It’s known that chronic inflammation causes MS. Since everyone is different you need to figure out what caused your inflammation. It’s usually a combination of things that trigger MS. Triggers to MS: →  Diet  (processed foods, refined sugar, refined carbs, food allergies, etc.) →  Infections  (Candida, viruses, bacterial overgrowth, and parasites) →  Environmental Toxins  (heavy metals, mold, pesticides, plastics, etc.) →  Chronic Stress →  Genetics Ways To Calm Stress Avoid Sugar  – it raises blood sugar levels and creates anxiety Deep Breathing Exercises Exe

Interview with a Warrior: YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS

Several months ago I was contacted by a lady who wanted to talk to me about her daughter's weird physical complaints. She was fairly certain the issue was MS, but was looking for face-to-face conversation with someone who lived with the disease. We agreed to meet for lunch and a connection was made. Mom, daughter, and I broke bread and discussed this horrible thing called multiple sclerosis. I left that meeting full of sorrow for Jennifer, single other of her own child, knowing full well the fears that filled her. Jennifer had a history with another neurologist, but made an appointment at the same clinic I visit and was diagnosed with PPMS. Jennifer agreed to be interviewed here and I cannot express my gratitude for her strength and hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you, Jennifer.   3/9/19 LISA:  How long have you known about your MS? What were your initial symptoms? JENNIFER:  One day, my hand kept falling asleep. I thought it was weird, but I brushed

The dreaded MRI

Today was the day. I just returned fro man afternoon of listening to a jack hammer in my ear while being infused with blue dye and hoping that my feet thaw out sometime soon. Yep, the dreaded MRI. I'm so old hat by ow, that this is no more than an expensive inconvenience. You see, six months ago I started on Gilenya. As a point of reckoning, my brain needed to be viewed for any changes and/or irregularities.  Now the wait begins... I am anxious about the results. Any new lesions? Any lesions gone? Is my brain still there? I'll keep you posted. Come back tomorrow to read an interview with a relative Warrior newcomer, Jennifer. Lisa, The Lady with the Cane

5 things about chronic illness

I have missed the entire month of church, between illnesses in the family and focusing on MS Awareness Month duties. Not making an excuse, just sayin'... I missed church again this morning, but was directed to listen to this mini sermon by comedian Josh Pray. I think he "preached" pretty good. 5 Things I’ve learned about Chronic Illness - Josh Pray

Sometimes life just gets in the way.

                                                      I am not a person who admires excuses. If something is really important to you there is no excuse good enough to dismiss your goals. You may need to make allowances or play with your schedule, but the end result should be completion of the mission. I didn't always think that way; And for the most part, I still put the needs of others before mine. I have learned that there is nothing evil about compromises as long as some common sense is thrown into the mix. So this week I have had to compromise, reschedule, and mentally realign my plans.  Why? Simply put, I am the mother of a teenage boy. If you need further explanation, you are obviously NOT the other of a teenager. Not making excuses, but... This has been a horrible year for my teenager. His senior year in high school should have been one of the most memorable years of his life. Well, it has been; just not in the way I had hoped. September met him with a wee

MS Interview with author Barbara Stensland

                                   ‘If Bridget Jones had MS, this would be her diary’ – The MS Society ‘The value of the Stumbling in Flats blog … it opens so many avenues of support and understanding, not only to the sufferer, but to the family, the friends … so that they will understand what it’s like to walk through treacle’ – Janis H. Winehouse Author Barbara Stensland is a recent MS acquaintance for whom I am grateful. Her  blog and her book Stumbling in Flats...a funny old life with MS is highly entertaining. MS Warriors around the world can and will relate to and appreciate Barbara's upbeat attitude toward an otherwise depressing disease. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing with us during MS Awareness Month.  *MS Awareness Month is this month in the United States. Forgive my ig